World of Winx
Magical girl
February, 2016-March, 2017
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World of Winx is a spinoff show that is set in an alternate timeline of Winx Club. It is made up of two seasons and twenty-six episodes. However, the Season 2 finale ended on a cliffhanger.

Story Edit

Season One Edit

The six Winx Club fairies- Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Aisha- present themselves as scouts on a reality show called WOW! while looking for the mysterious 'Talent Thief" who is abducting certain humans who possess unusual natural talents, with occasional help from their good friend and fellow fairy Roxy, the Fairy of Animals, who continues to have minor roles in every episode she appears in.

They discover the parallel dimension of dreams and achieve the Dreamix transformation that allows them to enter it and save the dreams of all humans.

Season Two Edit

A few weeks after the fall of the Queen, in the dream world, the six Winx Club girls' have been enjoying they daily lives as Scouts of WOW! However, the time for celebration and freedom is short-lived when a female spiritual force appears before them and gives them a crucial warning: The realm of dreams is, once again, in grave peril! To face this new and more dangerous threat to all dreams, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora, and Aisha all receive an advancement and considerable boost in their Dreamix powers and forms which evolve into Ornyx.

Now empowered even further, the Winx Club go on a journey to London, England, in search of Peter Pan himself, the legendary hero of Neverland, and whose only child is found to be Matt. Roxy is absent in the season.

Season Three Edit

Had this season been produced, it would focus on Baba Yaga the Dark Dame, and the Winx Club (with more frequent aid from fellow fairy Roxy) fighting to stop her from bringing back her ancient Coven of Witches and remove all fairies from Earth. We would also have been able to see Roxy actually accompany her fellow Winx Club fairies on missions across Earth, transform into her standard Winx/Fairy form, and use her extraordinarily strong animal magic to fight alongside her fellow fairies.

Fairy Transformations Edit

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

  1. The Talent Thief
  2. New Powers
  3. The Legend of the Crocodile Man
  4. The Monster Under the City
  5. Stylist Wanted
  6. The Fashion Week
  7. The Chef Contest
  8. The Shaman
  9. Shattered Dreams
  10. Dangerous Waters
  11. Shadows on the Snow
  12. The Watchmaker
  13. The Fall of the Queen

Season Two (Episodes 14-26) Edit

  1. Neverland
  2. Peter Pan's Son
  3. The Alligator Man
  4. Mermaids on Earth
  5. Fashion School Thrills
  6. The Girl in the Stars
  7. A Flower in the Snow
  8. Tiger Lily
  9. A Hero Will Come
  10. Technomagic Trap
  11. Jim's Revenge
  12. Old Friends and New Enemies
  13. Tinkerbell is Back

Season Three (Episodes 27-40) Edit

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  5. NA
  6. NA
  7. NA
  8. NA
  9. NA
  10. NA
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  14. NA

Characters Edit

Fairies Edit

  • Roxy (Season 1; 5 Episodes)

Villains Edit

  • The Queen/Tinkerbell (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • The Shaman (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Jim/Captain Hook (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Smee (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Baba Yaga (Season 3)
  • Witches (Season 3)

Humans Edit

  • Evans and Gomez (Season 1)
  • Ace (Season 1)
  • Wendy Darling (Season 2)
  • Matt (Season 2)
  • Tiger Lily (Season 2)
  • Annabelle (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Louise (Season 1 & 2)
  • Yu (Season 1)
  • Lorelei (Season 1; 3 Episodes)

Trivia Edit

  • Like the fourth season of Winx Club, the setting is on Planet Earth, in the town of Gardenia.
  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals, is a supporting character and does not transform or cast any of her extraordinarily strong animal magic to fight alongside the Winx Club. For some reason she is absent in the second season.
  • The Season 2 finale ends on an unresolved cliffhanger.
  • Fans strongly wish for a third season, with Roxy appearing in more than just five episodes, and having more important roles in each.