Tynix is an evolved fairy power of Butterflix in the second half of Season 7. Its power is derived from six magical bracelets that are presented to the Winx Club (minus Roxy) by their Fairy Animals. This higher fairy form enables them to enter the "Mini Worlds" by miniaturizing to microscopic size.

As with Mythix, this is a temporary evolution which enables Tynix Fairies to enter the Mini Worlds, as Mythix had enabled them to go directly into the fictional world of the Legendarium itself via the Ancestral Wands.

Episodes when Used Edit

  • Tynix Transformation (first time)
  • Lost in a Droplet
  • The Magix Rainbow
  • The Kingdom of Diamonds
  • The Heart of Alfea
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • New Magic Harmony (final use)

Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

  • Arrow of Domino

Stella Edit

Musa Edit

  • Harmony of the Quillcat

Tecna Edit

Flora Edit

Layla Edit