Roxy WOW 1
In her Frutti Music Cafe attire in the ending credits for Season 1.
Home World
Fairy of Animals
Crown Princess of Tir Nan Og
Magical Abilities
Animal Magic:
  • Animal spells
  • Animal whispering
  • Zoopathy
  • Zoolingualism
  • Heal injured animals
  • See through the eyes of animals
  • Grant animals human speech
  • Summon swarms of various animals
  • Create autonomous animals from solid


  • Alter the size or animals
  • Animal perception

Fairy Abilities:

  • Danger Intuition
  • Supernatural detection
  • Duplication magic
  • Mystic energy generation
  • Create a shield of sea-green magic
  • Levitation spells (nonverbal)
  • Telekinetic spells (nonverbal)
  • Invisibility spell
Winx Club:
Bloom (closest friend)
Owner of the Frutti Music Bar
Frequent seventh member of the Winx Club
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Season 3 finale

Roxy is the only fairy besides the six main fairies of the Winx Club to appear in this spinoff series. However, like the fifth and sixth seasons of Winx Club, she continued to play a minor role in each episode she appeared in.

In this alternate reality, she is owner of the Frutti Music Bar in place of her father Klaus. She still has a beloved pet dog, whom is renamed Arthur here. She is only one Bloom turns to after Ace fires her from WOW! Roxy is happy to do what she can to help Bloom in eluding Detectives Gomez and Evans, and finding leads on the mysterious Talent Thief.

For some reason, she is absent all throughout the second season.

Had a third season been produced, she would have made far more appearances, all with major roles; assisting her fellow fairies in stopping the Dark Dame, Baba Yaga, from reviving her lost Coven of Witches to overcome all fairies on Earth.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

Season Three Edit

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA (final appearance)

Appearance Edit

Civilian Edit

Just like her incarnation from Winx Club, she has waist-length hot pink hair with yellow tips, pale skin, and violet eyes.

She dons her same attire when she worked at the Frutti music Bar as waitress, when her father owned it, in Season 4.

Spy Outfit Edit

At one point, she had on a black spy-type jumpsuit with light sea-green stripes on the sides of her long sleeves.

As Fairy of Animals Edit

She has not transformed, so it is unknown whether she still would be in her basic Winx/Fairy form in this alternate reality.

Magical Powers Edit

As the terrestrial Fairy of Animals, Roxy is exceptionally skilled in her ever-increasing magic and animal-related spells, regardless of her inexperience and low fairy status. None of her animal-related spells are spoken. The only ability she had displayed is:

  • Animal Scrying: Capable of seeing through the eyes of her dog Arthur. Her eyes and his glow with purplish aura when this psionic link is used. As such, Roxy can easily see things from great distances, as Arthur can travel fast without stopping.

Natural Abilities Edit

  • Agility & Endurance: Even without transforming, she is capable of jumping over rooftops from a distance with ease, as seen in Episode 10.
  • Speed: She is capable of keeping up with Bloom's speed, while in her spy jumpsuit, as seen in "Dangerous Waters".

Quotes Edit

Season One Edit

  • "We're thrilled to be part of it, Bloom. And, in honor of the show, we're introducing a new fruit-smoothie called Rainbow WOW!"
  • "Double smoothie for you. You ordered one for two?"
  • "Don't know. After her performance, nobody saw her."
  • Uh...can I get you anything else?"
  • "Sure. Do you want Rainbow or peach?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "Two strangers were asking me about the dressing room."
  • "What's the problem?'
  • "Who wants it back, I imagine."
  • "Doesn't seem like a piece of cake."
  • "Your detectives just got there. Arthur saw them parked outside."
  • "Don't move. They just sat down."
  • "We can buy some time."
  • "He'll keep them busy for awhile."
  • "Don't worry, Bloom. Game start."
  • "I can see them. Through his eyes."
  • "Evans and Gomez are on their way to the airport. They have the watch."
  • "If only we had wings."
  • "It's a trap!"
  • "That's ridiculous!"
  • "You don't believe him, do you?"
  • "I'll clear these magic lessons... with no continues~!"
  • "Bloom?"
  • (uncertain) Are you sure?"

Season Three Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She does not transform into her standard Winx/Fairy form nor her enhanced Charmix form nor accompany the Winx Club on any missions, as she did not possess the greater fairy powers of Dreamix or Orynix to enter the world of dreams at will.
  • She is not wearing the magical White Circle of the Earth's fairies' on her finger, a artifact that rightfully belongs to her as Princess of the terrestrial fairies, which also further develops and drastically magnifies all of her abilities one hundredfold.
  • It is unknown whether she has a bright sea green-colored , butterfly-shaped Winx wristwatch, though she was able to contact Bloom on her light blue-colored butterfly Winx watch in "New Powers."