Queen Morgana
Home World
Tir Nan Og (originally)
Gardenia (currently)
Hundreds of years
Queen of the terrestrial fairies of Earth
Queen of Fairies
Klaus (husband)
Roxy (daughter)
Subjects and fellow Earth Fairies
Nebula, Fairy of Peace
Diana, Fairy of Nature
Sybilla, Fairy of Justice
Aurora, Fairy of the North
The Wizards of the Black Circle:
Magical Powers
Winged Flight
Leadership skills
Physic link (with Roxy)
Emit waves of green magic
Dream Entering
Portal Creation
Memory Manipulation & Restoration
First Appearance
"Roxy's Energy" (vision)
"Island Tricks"

Queen Morgana was/is the strong-willed and good-hearted ruler of the terrestrial fairies of Earth.

After being reunited with her teenage daughter after centuries of being apart, she decided to abdicate her role as Queen of Earth's terrestrial fairies to Nebula, and live in the human town of Gardenia with her long-lost husband, whose memories she had magically restored, and daughter.

History Edit

Season Four Edit

Season Six Edit

After two whole years of enjoying her freedom, she arrived at Alfea as a surprise for the Winx Club and other Alfea fairies-in-training for Mother's Day. She had hugged Roxy and stayed as the six Winx Club girls played in their band.

Appearances Edit

Season Four Edit

  • I Believe in You (silhouette)
  • Roxy's Energy (in a vision; full face)
  • Bringing Magic Back (flashback)
  • The Virtual Hideout (Tracix vision)
  • Island Tricks (actual debut)
  • Diana's Attack (flashback)
  • Aurora's Tower
  • Bloom's Challenge
  • The Wizards' Trap
  • Home at Last
  • Duel in the Omega Dimension

Season Six Edit

  • Mythix

Quotes Edit

Season Four Edit

  • "We are who we choose to be, Roxy. You are a fairy, the Fairy of Animals. Never forget that. You can put an end to all of this. The White Circle is a powerful weapon, Roxy. Do not be frightened. Use it. Fight."
  • "Get up Roxy. You have great power. The energy of Earth is in you. Use it properly."
  • "Roxy, my little Roxy. Can you truly bring back what we lost so long ago? Ourselves? Our freedom?"

Trivia Edit

  • She was the last fairy queen to rule over Earth until the Wizards of the Black Circle invaded.