Project ListEdit

Would you like to be part of some of our many projects? If so, you will be a great addition in one of our schools. Click the links of the school you wanna join.

Please note: Inactive headmistresses will be downgraded to a smaller position.

Project Pictures -Edit

Is a group of users who have the task of improving articles and the images on the site by uploading and cataloging images & animated gifs for articles where necessary and improving the quality of previously uploaded images and gifs.

Riven is a stalker This user is a student of the Picture School.

Project Episodes -Edit

is a group users who have the task of correcting and updating the episode pages of our wiki, writing new and correct episode summaries as the episodes are released, and updating the character pages for anime-only events. These users are dedicated to the task of making sure the episode pages within the Wiki are correct!

Winx dvd This user is a student of the Episode School.

Project Characters -Edit

is a group of users dedicated to have known all CONFIRMED info on all the characters. Included: All the Wings. And shcools

Winx-club-girls This user is a student of the Character School.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)Edit

May I join more than 1 school?Edit

Yes you may. Because you may need to help expand it you know.

Should I place the template on my page?Edit

Yes you must so that if people check out your user page, people will see what school you're from.

Should I fill out all of the admission test?Edit

You should because it is essential. I need to know more about you and why you wanna join.

How do I put in my profile picture without uploading it?Edit

Rightclick your Profile Pic then look for open picture in new tab then copy the URL and paste it.