Episode Project is a group users who have the task of correcting and updating the episode pages of our wiki, writing new and correct episode summaries as the episodes are released, and updating the character pages for anime-only events. These users are dedicated to the task of making sure the episode pages within the Wiki are correct!



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RoxyRose6 (headmistress) April 3, 2011 Roxy~TALK! Active


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September 10, 2012 Ariana Grande Forever :) TALK TO ME! Inactive


Place Name Here = ArianaGrandeForever

1. Do you watch all Winx 4 Kids episodes = Most of the time, yes.

2. How long have you been editing on this wiki? = Since September 10, 2012.

3. How many edits do you have? = 30+

4. Please add your profile picture = 150px-5139395.png

5. Place Signature = Ariana Grande Forever :) TALK TO ME!


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