Project Characters is a group of users dedicated to have known all confirmed info on the characters.

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Name Joined Since Signature Status
Flora123 September 7 2012 Flora123Flora Enchantix Stock Art Inactive


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Place Name Here = Flora123

1. Do you watch all Winx 4 Kids episodes = Yes I do

2. How long have you been editing on this wiki? = AUGUST 14, 2011

3. How many edits do you have? = 440

4. Please add your profile picture = 150px-4292609.png

5. Place Signature = Flora123Flora Enchantix Stock Art

6. Do you know all the character's names and info? = Yes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)Edit

May I join more than 1 school?Edit

Yes you may. Because you may need to help expand it you know.

Should I place the template on my page?Edit

<p style="font-size:13px;">Yes you must so that if people check out your user page, people will see what school you're from.

Should I fill out all of the admission test?Edit

You should because it is essential. I need to know more about you and why you wanna join.

How do I put in my profile picture without uploading it?Edit

Rightclick your Profile Pic then look for open picture in new tab then copy the URL and paste it.