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King Erendor (father)
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Sky is the King of [[Eraklyon]], formerly the crown prince and apparent heir to the throne. His mother is [[Samara]], who is the Queen of [[Eraklyon]] until [[Bloom]] marries into his family and his father is [[Erendor]], King of [[Eraklyon]], who had voluntarily abdicated and given the throne to Sky. He is also a member of the [[Specialist]]s, recognized to be their leader by [[Season 6]], and is [[Thoren]]'s cousin.

In Season 8 Upon Gaining and Developing Psychic Powers Sky became the Most Strongest and Overpowered Character of the Show...although This Slightly affects he and Bloom's Relationship to be more complex, Later in the Eighth Season Sky becomes The Mystical Master and is able to manipulate all 4 Elements also beyond those Elements as well.

Sky is also the Reincarnation of Master Adam the 14th Mystical Master that Learned all 4 Elemental Power.

For the Entirety of Second half of Season 8 Sky is the new Leading Role as an Overpowered Protagonist who becomes the Master of Elements Upon Journeying into the World within Four Ancient Nations that have each Element Power divided and represented of Fire Earth Water and Air Power that are said to be the most Powerful Elements when combined but the Prophecy of a Mystical Master is only they can Use all four elements and Master them to use it to restore balance and peace to the World around them.


Sky is fair skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Like the other Specialists, except for Timmy he has a well-built body that consists of strong arms and a very muscular torso.

In Season 1, his normal outfit is a pair of blue jeans, blue sneakers, and a blue t-shirt with green sleeves.

During [[Season 2]], he wears the same outfit as the one in the previous season, however, in [[Season 3]], he changes to a red shirt under a periwinkle jacket, a pair of blue jeans with yellow rings on the knees, and a different pair of blue sneakers.

After the episode [[Winx Club - Episode 404|Love & Pet]], he alternates between three main outfits; his [[Red Fountain]] uniform; a yellow and navy blue hoodie over a long-sleeved blue shirt and a pair of white pants; and finally dark blue high tops, and a pair of slip on blue sneakers with a light blue button down, and brown shorts, which he wears as a civilian while in [[Gardenia]].

In Season 8 Sky's hairstyle is more messy and Bright Yellowish Gold instead of blonde retaining his Bright Blue Eyes...Later they would turn brown regaining his connections to Past Masters and his Hair is slightly trimmed into a slight spiky Hairstyle Afterwards his hair never grew back due to his Elemental Status until He turned 26.

Later in Season 8 after gaining his Psychokinetic Powers...His Eyes colour change from Blue to Whitish Brown Wears a Blue T Shirt with green stripped red shoes...with some Blue Shorts...

Mainly in [[Season 8]] When using his Psychokinesis Sky's Hair Sways around Rapidly and Repetitively...Once Obtaining the Second Psychic Crystal Sky's Hair Sways then Spikes up while Repetitively Swaying with his Spiky Hair.

In The Master of Elements half of [[Season 8]] When emerging in the Elemental Form His Eyes have a White or Majestic Blue Glow covering a majority of his Pupils within and After getting his Special Arrow Marks painted on his Body including his Forehead The Arrow Marks glow as well.

in Season 8: Master of Elements He changes his T Shirt into a Air Monk Outfit consisting of a partially Red T Shirt with a Yellow Collar and Red Wristbands with Yellow pants with Brown shoes after Mastering Bodhi's Wind Manipulation Teachings as rewards He gives him Painted Arrows on his Back, Legs Forehead and on his back hands earning him the Master status later while fighting Valtor He has a Half Robed Monk outfit with brown Monk shorts barefooted although his Robes are burnt away leaving him shirtless after transformed into the Elemental Form

In Season 9: Son and Daughter of Sky, He had purchased an Expensive Outfit representing the four elements of each nations consisting of a Yellow and Grey separate tiled Jacket Green Wristbands Navy Blue T Shirt with Orange Sleeves Red shoes stripped Green with Dark Blue Shorts as his Mystical Master clothing which are based on the Four Elements color: (Yellow and Green represent Earth Nation Red and Orange represent Fire Tribe Blue represent Water Kingdom Grey represent the Air Monks) Later He purchases another Expensive Elemental Clothing consisted of a Grey Shirt underneath a Green and Blue Jacket with a Red sleeve on the right side and Yellow sleeve on the left side with Green Shorts replacing his Green stripped Red shoes with Blue stripped grey shoes representing his Mastery of all four Elements his Final Mystical Master outfit is having a Blue Red Green Grey coloured shirt with Yellow Pants Orange stripped Light Blue shoes involving a Air Monk swirling symbol on the center of his shirt

Whenever Sky is in the Elemental State his Hair is pulled by the Spiritual and Cosmic Energy focused within him that gels it into a Spiky Swaying Hairstyle as if it was constantly being blown by wind.

Sky's uniforms consists of a tight bodysuit, a cape and a blue gem.

Red Fountain

From Seasons 1 - 5, Sky wears the traditional [[Red Fountain]] uniform during missions and class time, and he has a light-blue round stone holding the cape.

As of [[Season 8]], his uniform is much more high-tech. He wears a skin tight blue bodysuit with light-gray thin inner-lines that mark the suit. His entire jaw, chin and ears are encased in the same material as his bodysuit which is connect to the neck. Thicker, slightly transparent metal plates on his forearms, hips, smaller pieces centered on the side of his thighs and wrap around the area above his ankle. He wears silver gloves and on back of his hands are yellow, round gems. From the center of his chest is a round, yellow gem which is held in place by four thick, slightly transparent metal plates. These metal plates then wrap around to his back which is connect to an oval, silver jet pack that houses Sky's weapon of choice and transparent mechanical wings that allow flight, hyper-thrust, -frost and -charge. These hyper modes are activated by pressing the yellow gem, which flashes and beeps to signify the activation. The gem is also the source of all the suit's functions and must be repaired if damaged. His feet also has thick white soles.

As showcased by [[Nex]], this new suit has an underwater mode. The overall appearance of the suit remains unchanged. However, the transparent metals on his forearms change to fins, gloves become webbed, back of the calves have smaller fins, and the area between his feet and sole extend into flippers. The encasement of the jaw, chin and ears sport a breathing apparatus which covers the entire face. The thin inner-linings glow a bright color as do the fins, flippers and webbed gloves. All aide in smoother, faster movement and visual acuity in the water.

Linphea College

In [[Season 6]], the uniform is colored in shades of blue, it has a cape and many layers on the shoulders, chest, forearms and legs. The shoulder pads are more pronounced and in the center of the chest contains a blue diamond colored gem.


Sky has a strong sense of duty that sometimes puts him at odds with [[Bloom]] or [[Riven]]. Despite this, he is generally seen as likable to his peers as they show no problems with having Sky to lead them, with the exception of Riven in [[Season 6]]. He is kind towards others and seems to have no problem making friends. He is also quick to spring into action whenever someone needs help which can be seen during [[Season 2 (Winx Club)|the second season]], where Sky rushes to free [[Aisha]] from acid spit while Bloom could not do anything. Sky also has a strong loyalty towards his kingdom, [[Eraklyon]], even if he does often butt heads with [[Erendor|his father]]. Even though he does not enjoy having to endure royal training, Sky knows that he must go through with it all in order to become a proper king to his people when the time comes.

Sky has a tendency to become jealous, overprotective, and even possessive of Bloom whenever he believes that their relationship is threatened in any way. In [[Season 4]], after learning of Bloom's previous relationship with [[Andy]], Sky becomes somewhat paranoid of the musician and is easily set off whenever he sees Bloom and Andy together. He was genuinely irked by how close they were, though, it could be possible that it was because he was inexperienced with non-royal or [[Earth]] mannerisms. In [[Season 7]], Sky even fights with Bloom's bonded fairy animal, [[Elas]], though, it was mainly due to Elas trying to cut into their alone time. Ironically, Sky has also been shown trying to keep his past relationships in the past (namely with Diaspro), but his jealousy can cause him to question Bloom's loyalty to him whenever he feels as if their relationship is in jeopardy.

Upon Getting Psychic Powers Sky has become more Independent, Selfless and Arrogant having a personality of a Freak of Nature...This Caused the Fairies to be more Afraid and Careful around him especially Musa who is used to Sky's Former Weak Self...although Sky Twisted and eventually broke Musa's Arm for messing with him...Sky is very attached to pets and People close to him this proves very true as When his Dog Spike died to a Cougar...and He gets revenge by Killing the Said Cougar with his Phenomenal Psychic powers.

After becoming the Last Elemental Master Sky is Scared Unwilling and Depressed discovering his Avatar like Status Later after Mastering all four Elements within the Nations inside a Land of Element Sky develops a constantly changing personality deeply connected to the Elements he uses Sky can be stubborn blunt and in-negotiable can be calm free and playful can be adaptive wise and negotiable even being destructive emotional and enraged his four Personalities represent his Mastery over the Elements (Stubbornness represents the Earth Manipulation he uses, calmness and freedom represents the Air Manipulation he uses, adaptiveness wise and changing represents the Water Manipulation, Destructiveness and Emotional Stress represent the Fire Manipulation he uses) It is evident that Sky's Power of the Elements are connected to his personality and emotions although he overcame this flaw after his Elemental Form became limitless allowing him to transform into it any time and how many ever times he wants also allowing Sky to freely manipulate the Four Elements as more of an Powerful Weapon than a Emotionally attached Power.

As the Last Mystical Master, Sky is Courageous Persistent and Wise He can easily destroy a stressful situation in a problem with his Curving Powers He develops a Sense of Wisdom knowing what is best for the World of Magix and Earth respectively being a Spiritual Master of Elements Sky has the deepest connection to all the past Masters before him Outside of fighting Sky is shown to also be Loving Selfless and Kind using his four types of curving to support and help the people close to him practicing a Watercurving Healing Technique to heal any Fairy Non Curver from their severe wounds.


Sky Appeared in Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and First half Season 8 where in the second Half where he finally gained Psychic Powers because of the Energy Crystals...He became the Master after restoring all 14 connections to his Past Lives and learnt of his Destiny for mastering all the nation's Elements and use it to restore balance and bring peace to the World in Harmony.

Sky is a main supporting character in Season 1-7 and Season 8's First Half, He officially became the Leading Protagonist in order for him to fulfill his Destiny as the Master of Elements while The Former Protagonist and Previous Main Characters have served as supporting characters It's implied by Iginio Straffi that Bloom Stella Tecna Musa Layla and Flora's Character Arcs are finished in The Master of Elements and Son and Daughter of Sky.

In Season 9 Sky remains the Protagonist with his Children Bloyora and Skroyla the supporting characters with all the Original Team Brandon Helia Riven and Timmy.

Sky's Character Saga is more complex and ancient than the Fairies It involves his Childhood Connections to his Past Lives and Destiny to Master all four Elements to restore peace and bring balance to the World of Magix and Earth also becoming the Bridge between the Spirit and Physical Realms.


As a 12 years old, Sky went to the same school as his cousin, [[1]], on [[2]]. One day they were attacked by monkey-soldiers and scared, his cousin left him to fight alone. According to Sky, he barely survived that fight. Since this day he has held hatred for him until [[3]]'s coronation as the crown princess of Domino in [6|Season 6]. This false event was proved as a lie in the Ninth Season of Winx Son and Daughter of Sky where every origin is truthfully revealed

As a 5 year old, Sky discovers his true identity as the Next linked Spiritual Incarnation of a Legendary Mystical Master considered the Most Powerful Beings in the Universe known for their Power to Control All Four Elements from the Nations and being the bridge between Real World and Spirit Realm The Mystical Master also live in a Cycle that is reincarnated by the Spirit of Light and Peace Vesper He slowly learns the elemental curving abilities from different sources in Eraklyon growing up at the age of 8 Young Sky masters all four elements and transformed into the Elemental State while being attacked by monkey-soldiers with his cousin in a forest Sky orders him to run and uses the Power of Elements to hold them off He is eventually overwhelmed and outmatched His Cycle of Past lives infuse him with all their Knowledge Skills and Power through the Spiritual and Cosmic Energy using unrestrained Power He annihilated the monkey-soldiers effortlessly catching up to his cousin later they go their separate ways never seeing each other again Sky would meet Brandon at 12 year old and a Energy Crystal absorbs the Elemental Energy from him after this Incident He would be forced to live a Normal Life as a Non Master practicing Ordinary Training in Red Fountain until He connects his Past Predecessors again Growing up at the age of 12 Sky frustratingly searches for a way to regain his link to the Spiritual Incarnations and the Energy Crystal that absorbed his Knowledge of Elements infused the Mystical Master Cycle back into him allowing him to become the Current Incarnation of a Mystical Master once again After this Sky sets out on a Challenging and Dangerous Journey to learn All Four Elements Air Fire Water Earth The Separate Prehistoric curving Powers Air an Graceful Powerful and Evasive Element Water an Adaptive Changing and Defensive Element Earth an Steady Tough and Durable Element Fire an Destructive Fierce and Quick Element He trained under a year Mastering the Four his brown eyes dissolve to a light grey earning the title Fully Realized Master obtaining the Eyes of Mastery Sky returns to Magix and engage in fierce clashes against Sinister Enemies with the Power of Elements that disrupt the balance of Earth He is a respectable pacifist and does not Kill unless he has no other choice.

Sometime before the events of the [1|first season], he switched places and identities with his squire, [[4]], to diverge all threats on his life from [[5]] to someone else. And at an unknown time, he and [[6]] were arranged to be married, though it is highly probable that it was solely for political reasons. While Sky remained respectful to his future spouse, he did not return her feelings. He would later enroll into [Fountain|Red Fountain], becoming part of a team, though they were okay with one another, there were many arguments that ensued. He is also well acquainted with [[7]] before the latter was expelled from school. He and his team would later be called for help by Stella to assist her with a hunting troll problem at her [friend]'s home on [[8]].

Between the Events of [3|third season]] and [1|first season] an Avatar like Ancient Master of Elements named Derek the First Mystical Master sealed Darkar in a Tree with all Four Elements surrounding him and closed the Spirit Portal along with the Magix Portal so the balance could be maintained then died of old age To find more Masters The Mystical Spirit Vesper reincarnated other Mystical entered other Humans that touched the Psychic Crystal to become a Mystical Master and Adam 14th Mystical Master was reincarnated into Prince Sky of Eraklyon a Natural Air Monk after he touched the Psychic Crystal and his Telekinetic Energy was potentially getting more powerful Kalani has knowledge of the Ancient Mystical Masters that are the only Potentially Stronger People than the Fairy Species of Magix using Magic Spells Who could manipulate all life on both dimensions and she even remarks 'I still believe somehow, a Mystical Master will return to save the world.'


The Truth about Sky in Season 8 The Master of Elements As a Kid because He is reincarnated from the Mystical Masters Sky has the Knowledge of Elements which will lead him to learn all four types of curving turning 5 years old and mastering them at 8 an Energy Crystal unknowingly absorbed his Elemental Energy ceasing access to his 14 Past Lives.

Growing up Brandon would train Sky to become a Specialist with Timmy Helia and Riven so he can defend himself until He regains his connection to Past Mystical Masters

This Traumatizing Event would cause Sky to be searching for a way to get his Connection back until He comes across an Energy Crystal with the Winx that restores his Past Lives and allowed him to access the Knowledge of Elements once again rediscovering his Destiny to restore balance and peace to the World by learning the Four Elements

Sky's Journey into the Land of Elements learning all the Elements would revert his Traumatized Nature back into his True Nature as the Master of Elements and when he returned to Magix Sky implied that He wanted to become the Most Powerful again after the loss of his Elemental Form and Power of Elements to Mirta Upon regaining his Past Lives Sky is able to talk to Spiritual Projections of Past Masters from the Spirit World and even gain large amount of respect and authority from even the Princess of Eraklyon herself Diaspro

As The Master of Elements Sky is greatly respected by all of the universe for being the Godlike Figure It desperately needed and broke his chains to Royalty of being Prince or King allowing him to follow his own rules including having unlimited free will to whatever he pleases no matter what which is when Sky felt truly free and detached from the world's problems


Robo Car 1800 - a Car Invented by Timmy that he allowed the Specialist to use mainly built for Sky also The Same Car Helia or Brandon died in Separate Timelines...In the Present Helia angered Sky after promising him to get to Earth to see Bloom but becomes enraged after he stopped just because of some guards in the way of the Earth Transporter...Enraged Sky forces the Car to drive forward with his powers, Blocking Laser rays from the Magix Guards...then Killing them with his Psychic powers...but realizes he got Helia/Brandon killed...cries and feels guilty for the rest of his life...

Air Glider Staff - Becoming an Air Master, Sky was given a Red Glider Staff so he can soar through the air aloft, He can also blast gusts of winds with the Glider staff for a better advantage.

Air Monk Outfit - Rewarded by Aircurver Bodhi, Sky earns the right to wear the Air Monk robes after learning and mastering all 36 Aircurving disciplines.

Arrow Markings - Becoming an Air Master, Sky was bestowed the Arrow Markings made of irremovable Blue Paint and had surges of Spiritual Energy which allows them to glow pintaed on his Forehead Forearms Legs and Majority of his Back this led to him to Becoming an Official Aircurving Master Noticeably The Markings glow whenever Sky entered the Elemental State simultaneously with his glowing eyes that lose their pupils


Vahpa - Rewarded by Mastering Air Control teachings from Bodhi, A Flying Bison Sky named Vahpa he can carry Kalani, Rokka, Cephras, Cairo and anyone on his Journey with the Bison but Vahpa cannot fly when he is tired and He flies slowly to reserve his energy.

Komo - Found by Sky, Rokka and Kalani after Rokka from the Water Kingdom tried to eat the Lemur for dinner He gave Rokka some food to eat. Sky remembers a list of name for lemurs and found Komo the most fitting for him Komo can glide around with his Lemur wings under his arms and the Lemur flies faster than Vahpa because of his light weight.


He is an excellent swordsman. His translucent, blue Phantoblade is styled after a long sword, and he also uses a matching blue phantoshield, a boomerang, a longbow, and a hoverboard (all translucent, either entirely or partly). He is also a competent archer and can fight on the back of a dragon.

In [[Season 8]], he will be utilizing another new weapon - a double light saber.

Spacesuit Abilities

Hyper Frost - S8E19

Hyper Charge - S8E19

Psychic Powers

Psychokinesis - Sky can lift any object, weapon and even Fairy Magic with his mental mind...Sky can also lift a person with his Psychokinesis Sky proves to be capable of lifting a person as he lifts Aisha in the air to nearly rip her arm off eventually stops himself...but also capable of driving a Car Psychically, Sky has tortured Musa with his Telekinetic Powers as in the Episode 'Psycho Rage' He Telekinetically Slammed her into multiple trees.

Telepathy - Sky can understand multiple people's Thoughts without talking to them and staring into their eyes...Sky red Bloom's mind before she was able to explain anything to him...much to her shock.

Enhanced Strength - Sky's Psychokinesis can raise Sky's Physical strength to the point where he can shove a Fairy so hard that they will be vaporized or Heavily Injured...

Energy Absorption - Sky can absorb other Fairies's Energy and turn it into Psychopathic Energy...Sky has shown this power against Valtor where he absorbs his dark power and turn it into Destructive Psychic Energy...

Energy Transfer - Sky can Heal other Fairies with his Psychokinesis by lending them a small amount of his Energy.

Heat and Cold Temperature Resistance - Sky doesn't even wear a Jacket or any Heat or Cold Temperature Gear anymore because of his resistance to Heat and Cold...

Physical Resistance - Sky can resist any physical attack from any fairy...Sky mainly shows this power most of the time as he resisted Musa's Slap that didn't leave a mark on Sky's Face...

Fairy Magic Manipulation - Sky can use his Psychokinesis to bend Magic, Redirect Spells and vaporize spells...Sky first shows this power when sparing with Bloom when she launched a Fireball Spell and Sky stared at it before vaporizing her spell in an Instant.

Psychokinetic Barrier - Sky can shield himself with a Gigantic Psychic Barrier that shreds any magic or attack apart...but along with defending Sky can also Launch his Incredible Barrier at Enemies.

Psychokinesis Wave - Sky can fire shock waves from his hand to push back enemies, Kill them or Just Instantly snap their bones in half...

Spiritual Awareness - Sky can sense another Fairies's Aura from afar, close by with his Psychokinetic Sensing...

Psychic Pulse - a Move that Consist of a Wind looking Sphere that pulls Enemies into the air and Down again killing them, This drains most of Sky's Psycho Energy.

Psychokinetic Explosion - a Move where Sky powers up and pushes every enemy away from him with his Destructive Psychic Powers while simultaneously killing the Enemies caught in the explosion, This Drains half of Sky's Psychic Energy.

Mystical Master Powers

Water Manipulation - Sky had learn to Control Water by Isolde a Girl who practiced Controlling Water ascending to Master of Water and taught him How to Manipulate Water in order for him to use her Teachings to Defend himself, After Learning the Basics from Isolde Sky practices the Bending with Kalani an Advanced Mentor of Water in order to use Water for Offensive Terms and Later uses the Teachings to Fight with Water Manipulation able to create (Water Whips, Water Octopus, Water Tidal Wave, Water Arms, Water Ropes and a Gigantic Water Ring) Sky is also capable of freezing the Water into Solid Ice to trap his enemies into In The Elemental Form Sky is capable of creating Water Tornados and splash Ginormous Waves onto his enemies or morph into a Giant Water Creature to crush the Fire Tribe.

Wind Manipulation - Sky had learned to Control Wind by a Wind Monk Practitioner Bodhi who teaches him the Basics and Advanced methods of Wind with Offensive/Defensive like the Water Manipulation and after training embracing his teachings Sky could fully use Wind Manipulation to (evade attacks, Blast gusts of wind, Throw a Wind Illusion like Shadow at his enemies, Create an Air Shield and even cause a small Whirlwind) In the Elemental Form Sky is aggressive and capable of creating dangerously large Whirlwinds also able to convert Wind into deadly slices of Air that knocks Enemies back far away or Float while using Dangerous Whirlwinds to suffocate his Enemies or push himself upwards with a Tremendous Tornado made out of Sand/Wind together and even crushed the ground with Large Momentum of his Tremendous Tornado making him dangerously powerful.

Fire Manipulation - Sky learned how to Control Fire from the Master Ignatius for Defensive Method and Later Cairo his Former Fire Tribe Enemy for Advanced Offensive Method, After learning the teachings of the Fire bending Sky can punch out streams of Flames as An Attack and even manipulate Fire to extinguish them as a Supporting Use Once Entered the Elemental State/Form Sky is capable of converting his Fire to An Aura and can Launch 5 Fire Balls at once towards an Enemy or combine the Element with Water for a devastating effect.

Earth Manipulation - Sky is taught by Rocky in the Earth Nation for Defensive Usage and Later Cephas who teaches him the Offensive Method of the Earth Ability After Learning both Attack and Defence types Sky is able to create Large Rock Walls and Stone Balls for Shields even able to push a Boulder as an attack In The Elemental Form Sky is capable of shattering a Rock from his aura to take down other Rock Pillars or Encase Enemies in Rock Bindings or Slam Two Large Rock Pillars together to either guard against a Fire Attack or Trap Opponents in a Path which is what He uses to make a Dead End for Valtor who somehow learned Fire Manipulation.

Energy Manipulation - Meeting a Giant Lion Turtle He gave Sky the knowledge to Control another Anyone's Element Energy or Magical Energy with different methods, Sky is able to remove Magical and Elemental Energy from the Person forever or give the knowledge of the ability to another person or to completely restore someone's Elemental Bending Power Sky used this to strip Valtor of his Magical Spells and Fire Manipulating Powers but possibly If Sky is weak or has a bendable spirit He could be corrupted and he will be overwhelmed by the Energy the Person possesses although He fortunately avoided this effect by successfully having a Unbreakable Energy potentially able to remove Valtor's Separate Energies completely through absorbing it into his own body. In a Battle against Blodtar Sky used it to take his Bone Control Away by absorbing it into his own body although he never used it unless it was an emergency like Lightning Generation. Sky manipulated Energy from Diaspro to take her Magical Abilities away and remove it forever which made her no more than a ordinary human. Luckily Sky can restore the Magical Energy to whoever he took it away from but only on a condition where he trusts the person using their Abilities for Good and never bad, Sky also can use the power to give the Knowledge of Energy Manipulation for Anyone He willingly trusted Bloom enough to hand her the Knowledge of Energy Manipulation to her which allowed her to describe the Power itself to anyone else she comes in contact with.

The Power of Elements - Upon Mastering all Four Elements, Sky is free to manipulate Water Earth Fire and Air respectively He has shown unbelievable capabilities with this Elemental Power such as manipulated Water Waves to rescue Brandon and Timmy while they were falling from the impact of an magical attack Kept Bloom Tecna Musa Flora Stella and Layla from falling by manipulating a Large stable Rock Ledge under their feet Burned through Darkar's Magical Defensive Spells with Dangerously Hot Fire Manipulation one billion times the heat temperature of Bloom's Magical Laser Balls which has no such dangerous lethal effect and Blew most of the Winx away in a Sparring Match by blasting Tremendous unavoidable Gusts of Wind. Possessing the Power of Elements Sky is considered the Most Powerful Ancient Master King of Eraklyon and he is implied to be more Powerful than Brandon Riven and Helia after they got their own powers.

Wind Manipulation Flight - Sky eventually learns how to manipulate his own body to levitate in the air as if he's flying and doing so allowed him to soar through the air reaching speeds far more faster than a Typical Fairy outrunning the Winx in terms of Speed of Flight

Metal Manipulation - Sky is mentored by Cephras who had learnt Metal Manipulation herself taught him how to manipulate the Rocks within the Metallic Objects He had trouble with the Evolved Element and took him two days to learn however Sky eventually mastered the technique and he is able to bend curve or crush Any Metallic Objects into any shape he wants Sky can rip apart metal doors dent metallic tables and even split Metal into small pieces Although He had experiences a toll in his body Sky overcomes this painful side effect allowing him to freely control Metal without any strain

Bone Manipulation - Upon absorbing Blodtar's bonecurving ability Sky is free to use the Curving Power in order for him to manipulate the Bones in another Human's Body He is capable of breaking twisting or reattach already fractured bones allowing him to heal him/her, When enraged and provoked Sky uses this curving power to punish those who have disrespect or mistreat him mostly by snapping their arm leg and spine bones to briefly torture them He has done this to Bloom after she misunderstands his reasoning for losing the will to fight after her resurrection brutally silencing the Fairy through breaking her leg and arm with the Curving technique

Lightning Generation - Sky is mentored by Ignatius who is a Firecurver and studied the Lightning Generation Technique, Sky was inexperienced when he accidentally electrocuted his Girlfriend Bloom which caused her to run away slightly bleeding and crying in time The Mystical Master perfected the Technique with the Fairy and Ignatius allowing him to Use Lightning that attacks opponents in situations of emergency.

Lightning Redirection - Prince Cairo taught Sky to redirect Lightning from an Enemy using Lightning Generation and shoot the Technique back without being injured, He first performed this technique against Fire King Valtor who had somehow learned Firecurving although Sky refused to kill him with the Lightning and shot it faraway from The Fire Tribe's King. Sky used this Technique after returning from his Journey in Magix...He redirected Magical Lightning from Stormy He redirected Helia's Lightning Bolts and He redirected Riven's Speed Bolt.

Unmatched Martial Artist Expert - Without using any forms of the Four Elements, Sky has learned the fighting styles that can optionally manipulate them he uses Tai chi to deflect and adapt in Battles against Non-Curvers Hung Gar for resistance durability and defence Northern Shaolin against throws grabs and counters Ba Gua for outsmarting his Opponents...He knows some Other Non-Curving Martial Arts like Karate Kickboxing Taekwondo and Jujitsu for some respective attacks throws defence grabs or counterattacks upon obtaining the 14 Elements.

Past Life Shape Shifting - Sky can turn into a Past Master either intentionally at will or If possessed by the Uncontrolled Elemental State/Form through the Past Masters's Spiritual Energy He has done this in many different instances for different reasons when Diaspro refuses to listen He turns into Master Kevin to convince her as she was in love with him and turned into Master Adam in the Elemental State/Form after Yhao and his Fire Tribe soldiers attempt to forcibly open the Doors containing the Solstice then turned into Master Theo in order to force Kalani to leave him alone after she pushes Sky, Sky also turned into Master Ethan using his Spiritual Energy in the Search of Brandon to force Kidnappers they tell them where he is and Sky can revert back into himself at will after.

Spiritual Projection - Sky can talk to Past Masters before him for advice through a Spiritual Projection he can access by looking deep within himself in case He doesn't understand how to face his Enemies or defeat them.

Spirit World - Being the Bridge between the Earth/Magix and Spirit Realm Sky can travel to the Spirit World in order for him to talk to Past Masters and ask for advice from his Past Lives of The Mystical Master, Sky's body is motionless and defenceless when he enters the Spirit World leaving his body to be a frozen corpse....He is also unable to use any types of Element Curving within the Spirit World.

Mystical Master Cycle - Sky's Mystical Master Cycle allows him to use Spiritual Projections of Past Masters or Entering the Spirit World and when he is unable to Transform into the Elemental State/Form with his Power of Elements Inaccessible Sky would not have the access.

Boundless Freedom - being a Reincarnation of the Mystical Master and breaking his shackles Upon becoming the Master Sky obtains the limitless free will to do whatever he pleases and choose to follow his own rules rather than to be constantly told what to do by his Father and is no longer bound to the Royalty Duties as King of Eraklyon.

Spiritual Connections to Past Lives

Sky's connection to his Past Lives let him inherit the Personalities Knowledge and Skills from All the fourteen Past Masters, Sky inherits his loving nature from Master Kevin who was in love with Diaspro while He was in love with Bloom...Sky's Courage comes from the First Master Derek. Most of Sky's personality and Nature is combined of The Connected Past Masters's Personality.


Psychic Powers (Formerly)

- Sky cannot overexert his Psychokinesis or he'll be mentally and Physically hurt from his Energy.

-Sky suffers a Headache If he uses his Psychic Powers too often.

-Sky is vulnerable while he is manipulating Fairy Magic, Other Fairy Magic can reach him at the time...Although He overcomes this Limit.

-Sky cannot charge his Psychic Energy over his Limit.

-Sky's Psychokinetic Moves drain a large portion of his Energy since He enhances them enough to make them have a Powerful and Killing Impact.

-Sky cannot use his Psychic Energy if he is too Tired or needs more sleep...

Mystical Master Powers

- If Sky used the Elemental State too many times He can lose a portion of his Memories which happened to how many times He triggered the Form

- Sky only faints when He enters the Elemental State from experiencing near death situations otherwise He gets extremely drained and tired.

- Sky cannot use any Element Power If He has no memories of the Mystical Masters or The Telekinetic Crystals.

- Sky has temporarily experienced a great lost of the Elemental Powers after his battle against Darkar, but his Spiritual Connection with the past Incarnations such as Master Ethan used Energy Manipulation to restore the Power of Elements within his body which allowed him to manipulate the Elements freely once again and briefly got him into the Elemental Form to demonstrate sheer Amazing Power of Fire Earth Water and Wind.

- The Mastered Elemental Form will cause Sky to have exhaustion from entering such a Powerful Transformation, The Uncontrollable Version of The Elemental Form will cause Sky to become unconscious and have painful headaches after leaving a Powerful Form.

Positive Sides of Sky's Psychokinesis and Elemental Powers

Telekinesis (Formerly)

- Sky can launch more than one Powerful Psychic Move

- Sky is capable of easily crushing his enemies with his Psychic Powers

- Sky is Invulnerable to any type of Physical/Magical or Long Range attack...

- Sky is able to launch his own Protective Barrier at Enemies so he can have his hands free from his own Defense.

- Sky can absorb Fairy Magic and use the Portion of the Fairy Magic to charge up his Psychic Energy if It's too low.

- Sky can throw Objects, Cars and even Cellphones into the air with his Psychokinesis, even better Sky's Psychokinetic Pulse and Explosion Destroys Objects as well as Crush them...while his Psychic Wave merely pushes the object or person down which doesn't take as much energy...While Sky's Psychokinetic Blast vaporizes the Fairy or Object takes half of Sky's Psycho Energy.

- Sky can charge his released amount of Psychic Energy through his Watch Meter that calculates then measures his Amount of Psychic Powers by the % Meter, Unlike most Charges a 100% Charge will raise Sky's Psychic Energy up to 100 and spikes up his hair forcing it to repetitively sway side to side...

- Sky's Second Psychic Energy glows quite visibly after his hair becomes spiky and full of Psychic Energy...

Mystical Master Powers

- Sky is immune to all Fairy Magic Spells which allowed him to be invincible against Musa's Sound wave Spells, Stella's Sun attacks, Bloom's Magic Balls of weak lasers and Magic Dragon, Tecna's Techno Spells Flora's Plant Magic and Layla's Morphix Spells, Sky defeated them all with the Power of Elements in a Sparring Match against their Cosmix Forms.

- Sky can use two elements at the same time, although it's impossible for him to use all four elements simultaneously as even in Elemental Form He switches between 4 Elemental Powers however He does use fire and air at once although he does switch between combinations of two elements like: Fire & Air, Water & Fire, Earth & Air, & Fire and Earth, Water and Earth, and Air and Water.

- Sky is able to manipulate the four elements from their source like He needs to find a Water based thing to manipulate it and needs solid hard ground or wall to control Earth for Air It's easier for him because Wind is everywhere at once while He had a difficult time finding a Fire Source but when he did was a Unstoppable Force.

- Sky is able to walk through Dark Magic Spells as well, He was able to walk through Ogron's Dark Spells that are supposed to trap everyone inside and the other Wizard's Spells merely bounced off him. Darkar's Magic Spells weren't able to faze the Young Master he easily deflected it. Valtor's Spells are neutralized by the Unbreakable Wind Tornados, The Defensive Earth Walls, The Extinguishing Water, and The Hot Fire.

- Sky will transform into the Elemental Form regardless If he is too hurt or is close to dying, Which is the main reason people of the Main Land City consider him a Dominating Form because of his Unstoppable Transformation that allows him to overpower and destroy by disintegration any opponent he is facing.

- Sky's Arrows and Eyes light up simultaneously to indicate how much power he is using from his connection of the Past Mystical Masters, Once they glow there is no stopping what Sky is about to do against his Enemy which made him the most Dominating and Courageous King of Eraklyon.


Upon Gaining his Psychic Powers...Sky has gained a White Transparent Aura that lifts rocks into the sky, Sway his hair rapidly and repetitively...and Sometimes Created Shockwaves on the ground.

His Aura seems to change into a White and Black Light and Dark Aura when he was infuriated while also being fed up with Diaspro's Tricks so she can shatter he and Bloom's Perfect Relationship....the Aura flickers to symbolize Sky's Horrific Rage and Hatred towards Diaspro...

Sky's Second Psychokinetic Aura is Purple/Pink and Blue after being Transferred over the Powers of the Second Psychic Crystal...which allowed Sky to Toggle between the two Psychic Type Auras and Powers...

Sky once released a mixed Aura of his White Transparent Aura merged with his Blue/Pink and Purple Psychic Aura when he was facing Valtor...It was achieved through borrowing the Winx's Fairy Energy absorbing it and Unleashing all of it caused both Psychic Auras to Merge...which broke his Limits and Destroy Valtor with Both Psychic Energies...although this was temporary Sky claimed that he can enter the form again without Fairy Energy...however Sky does not take on the Painfully Draining Psychic Form...This Occurred in Movie 4: Psychokinetic Crystal where Sky recklessly kills most of Valtor's Henchmen with the Full Force of his Psychic Powers.

Sky's 100% Psychic Aura appears as Thicker, Brighter and Shinier Purple/Pink and Blue Aura compared to his small, Partial Normal Psychic Aura...his 100% Aura has also unleashed few Electric Sparks which occurred in another Episode of the Master of Elemental Season. After Sky mastered the Elemental Power He passed on the Telekinesis onto Brandon his best friend.

A Temporary Elemental Aura was shown to be surrounding Sky implying that He is the Last Mystical Master on Earth before setting off on his Journey empowered by Rage and Sadness from his Intense Imbalanced Relationship with Bloom after recalling all the horrible things she has done to him which caused him to attempt to attack her for such cruelty.

Whenever Sky is in the Elemental Form His Aura is a mixture of Elements Water diagonally around his body with Fire horizontally repeatedly rotating around him and a Wind Barrier even 7 Pieces of rocks diagonally spinning around his torso mirror to the Diagonally rotating Water.

The Spiritual and Cosmic Aura concentrated by Past Masters in the Cycle affect Sky's Hair numerous amounts invisible sparks of static electricity each blow multiple strands of his hair that continuously levitates is the result of Powerful Energy being combined through the Spirit World and Mystical Master Cycle that the Past Masters are drawing within his body this allows his Eyes to lose their pupils and start glowing Pure White or Whitish Blue brightly at the same time as his Arrow Markings this aura causes his curving statistics to be enhanced to their fullest Power and Potential allowing any type of curving power he uses to be enlarged unrestrained and nuclear planetary level the Aura deems him undefeatable unstoppable and unrivalled


Bloom: Sky and Bloom met then soon became friends although after getting used to each other's company fell in love and became a Couple...although Bloom changes her opinion of Sky and begins to not trust him as often but Sky reunites with her and they became closer than before, Sky was quite angered by what Bloom has done in the past towards him and it caused him to enter an Incomplete Element like Transformation briefly manipulating the Elements, After He became the 15th Mystical Master While Sky uses the Elemental State. Sky stays away from Bloom to protect her...She deeply loves Sky and comforts him when He is depressed or unhappy. Sky is very concerned about what he might do to Bloom If he enters the Elemental Form...Sky's Perfect Relationship with Bloom has been very difficult after his Elemental Form as He does not want to hurt her since Sky has feelings for Bloom.

Brandon: Sky and Brandon are best friends but are also really close Sky always goes to Brandon for help or love advice for Bloom, but the Two also fight side to side...Upon Gaining his Psychic Powers Sky worries for his relationship with Brandon although he shrugs the idea away.

Helia: Despite not being too close to Helia, Sky cares much about Helia as a good close friend giving him advice for his relationship with Flora...The Two fight along side Brandon...

Flora: Sky views Flora as a Older Sister type character supportive of him and very helpful but these two still don't interact much.

Timmy: Sky and Timmy have a very close relationship despite having few Interactions of each other...Sky goes to Timmy for new Gadgets or even Vehicles...It is also Sky who suggested Timmy build a Robo Car 1800 so He can drive a car around Magix.

Stella: Sky cares about Stella more than He cares about Bloom...the reason why is because Sky still doesn't Trust Bloom because she 'used' him with their relationship...Sky goes to Stella for support and she happily lends it...These two share a decent Interaction.

Tecna: like Timmy Sky only goes to Tecna if he wants to have another Invention to use for himself and the Other Specialists.

Musa: Upon becoming the Mystical Master Sky sometimes is fed up of her stingy attitude toward Riven and himself he finally took it upon himself to beat a whole amount of sense into her literally by breaking every bone and fractured her skull with an painful disciplining suffering lesson this traumatized her and the pride within her vanished after this Musa had a perfect relationship with Riven and no longer acted prideful towards him he also did it because she misunderstood what Bloom did to save him Sky mentioned that he forgave her

Aisha: Sky never had any Interaction with Aisha Romantically or Friendly and Mostly treats Aisha as some sort of Stranger or Acquaintance Relationship.

Riven: Sky and Riven treat each other like brothers, Often fighting a lot, Arguing and even at rare times when they start to bond have very little interaction.

Diaspro: Sky once bonded with Diaspro as a Childhood Friend but Upon Gaining his Psychic Powers and remembering her Love Potion Plan...started to hate Diaspro more and more to the point where Sky plans to Completely obliterate her for Vengeance...Sky ends up not feeling for her after finally killing her which implies that Sky is glad Diaspro is gone.

Valtor: Although Sky wants Valtor to become good, Sky still hates Valtor because he has threatened the land of Magix and The Earth whom Sky swears to protect Both so Sky murders Valtor with his Psychic Power...

Rokka: Sky and Rokka had some suspicions upon first meeting, However later they trust each other more and became close friends supporting their Team regardless of the situations even after Rokka returned to the Land of Elements separating himself from Sky once and for all Although Sky contacts him at times while not in person as that is no longer possible

Isolde: Sky treats Isolde as no more of a Mentor and is saddened She died reborn as a Moon Spirit of the Water Kingdom but He forgets about that problem later.

Cairo: Sky had great respect for Cairo even if he had made some odd decisions between right or wrong, but He held the same respect and was supportive of him when Cairo taught him firecurving they became close friends after he became Fire King

Cephras Veirong: Sky respects Cephras as a Earthcurving mentor thus they became friends and he even taught him Metalcurving after Sky learned all curving techniques from Ceph He greatly thanks him for teaching

Ignatius: He was unsure if Ignatius was an enemy or a ally but Sky befriends him after realizing his friend Cairo sent Ignatius to train him on other curving techniques he must learn in order to outmatch an enemy

Kalani: Sky develops a friendship with Kalani and She becomes part of the Rearranged Team 'Team Master', Briefly Sky nearly severely injures Kalani for blaming him for her losses against Valtor in the Elemental State although They reunite with their Bond when Kalani leaves Magix to help Rokka and never returned Sky trusts why she had left

Nex: Sky didn't get along with Nex since he had a selfish careless and arrogant nature although They become close friends when Nex became caring supportive and selfless growing to worry about others before himself After he obtained transmuting powers and a Powerful Spirit Galaxy Silver Sky mentioned that his Spirit rivals the strength of his curving thus He always compared his Power against Nex's to study if they are truly equal outside of fighting Sky is respectful to his mixed nature of selfless arrogant and caring

Skroyla: Sky is a very caring father to his Son Skroyla and wants him to improve his Mystical Master Powers to become Partial Mystical Master which means Sky still remains the Last Elemental Master, He shows great concern over his issue being Half Fairy and Half Mystic Master but eventually Sky helps him through it and they are still close as of now Bloom disapproves of Sky teaching their son how to be exactly like him although later They agree on letting him be Both Fairy and Mystical Master.

Bloyora: Sky didn't really approve of The Arrogance of Bloyora and He never really got along with his Daughter as much he did with His Son but When she cries sadly about never being able to use the Elemntal State being full Fairy and no Mystical Energy within her He does comfort her and Sky becomes more closer to her for support, Later Sky and Bloyora get along even better in the Second half of Season 8.

Riyorvo: Sky was concerned of a ordinary human Riyorvo he asked his Team to protect him on Missions horrified of his injuries Sky eager to help him recover and had witnessed Riyorvo's Golden Warrior Spirit mutated into a Humanoid Guardian through his life energy separating it, He grew more reliable of him when Riyorvo evolved his Spirit into Golden Warrior Evolved a State where he gained the Power to reverse time and actions to '0' Sky grew amazed with this amazing power and only contacted Riyorvo for emergencies


Season One

  • It Feels Like Magic (debut appearance)
  • Save the First Dance
  • Grounded
  • The Day of the Rose
  • Spelled
  • The Witch Trap
  • The Army of Decay
  • The Frozen Palace
  • Mission to Cloud Tower
  • The Search for the Flame
  • Battle for Alfea
  • The Great Witch Invasion

Season Two

  • Into the Under Realm
  • Queen of Perfection
  • Rescuing the Pixies
  • My Boyfriend's Wedding
  • The Dark Tower
  • Party Monster
  • Reaching for the Sky
  • Magic In My Heart (cameos)
  • The First Charmix
  • Last Resorts
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Darkness and Light
  • Desperately Seeking Bloom
  • Storming Shadowhaunt
  • The Ultimate Power Couple

Season Three

  • Beauty is a Beast
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess
  • The Mirror of Truth
  • Royal Behavior
  • Dark Sky
  • Operation: Boyfriend Rescue
  • Payback!
  • Island of Dragons
  • The Power Within
  • The Omega Mission
  • Day at the Museum
  • Biker Wedding Crashers
  • The Golden Kingdom
  • The Crystal Labyrinth
  • The Spell of the Elements
  • Fire and Flame
  • The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (3D debut)

Season Four

  • Magic Pets
  • Ogron's Spell
  • Hidden in the Country
  • The Audition
  • Superheroes
  • The Pets Pursuit
  • Roxy's Energy
  • The Virtual Hideout
  • Into the Amazon
  • Diana's Redemption
  • The Fairy of Justice
  • The Wizards Trap
  • Home at Last
  • Duel in the Omega Dimension (cameos)

Season Five

  • The Sirenix Book
  • The Power of Harmonix
  • Secret of the Ruby Reef
  • The Gem of Empathy
  • Trix Tricks
  • Test of Courage
  • The Emperor's Throne
  • The Eclipse
  • The Singing Whales
  • The Problems of Love
  • A Perfect Day
  • Listen to Your Heart
  • The Shark's Eye (cameos)
  • Saving Paradise Bay
  • Battle for the Infinite Ocean
  • The End of Tritannus (cameos)

Season Six

  • The Flying School
  • Bloomix Power
  • The Golden Auditorium
  • Vortex of Flames
  • The Secret Greenhouse
  • Mystery of Calavera
  • Zombie Invasion
  • The Curse of Fearwood
  • The Magic Totem
  • Queen for a Day
  • Stella's Big Party
  • A Monster Crush
  • The Music Cafe
  • The Anthem
  • Legendary Duel (cameos)
  • Acheron (cameos)
  • Winx Forever (cameos)

Season Seven

  • The First Color of the Universe
  • Mission in the Jungle
  • Tynix Transformation
  • Back to Paradise Bay
  • A Magix Rainbow
  • Banana Day
  • It's a Crazy, Crazy World
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • New Magic Harmony
  • The Power of the Fairy Animals

Season Eight: Cosmix Power

  • Attack on the Core
  • Orion's Secret
  • Surprise Party on Earth
  • Valtor's Shadow
  • The Wishing Star

Season Eight: The Master of Elements

  • New Powers
  • Psycho Rage
  • Unforgiving Sky
  • The Four Elements
  • The Ancient Nations
  • Master of Elements
  • Air Monks
  • Ancient Masters
  • Memory Loss
  • Kalani's Journey
  • Master Adam's Statue
  • Storm
  • Master of Water
  • Water Kingdom Chaos
  • The Elemental State
  • Earth Master
  • Team Mystical
  • Hard Work
  • Sandy Desert
  • Sky vs Drill
  • Chakras
  • Ancient Elemental Master's Destiny
  • Awoken
  • Master Adam
  • The Dark Element
  • Original Fire Masters
  • Valtor's Threat, Part 1: Magic King
  • Valtor's Threat, Part 2: The 15th Master

Season Nine: Son and Daughter of Sky

  • Reunion
  • Blodtar's Rampage
  • Ogron and the Wizards Return
  • Darkar's resurrection
  • Valtor escapes
  • Lost Memory
  • Inaccessibility
  • Death of Bloom
  • Birth of Skroyla and Bloyora
  • The Sword of Elements
  • Spirit Power
  • Future Spirit User


  • Lost Kingdom
  • Magical Adventure
  • Secret of the Abyss
  • Psychokinetic Powers

Movie 4: Psychokinetic Powers

This is the Only Winx Club Movie that focuses mainly on Sky instead of the Winx Club which implies It takes place in between Episodes of Psychic Sky of Season 8...The Movie Begins with Sky hanging out with his Fellow Specialist excluding the ones who died which are Riven and Helia...The First Battle shows Sky using his Psychic Powers to Kill the Trix...The Middle Battle of the Movie is when Brandon drives Sky to Valtor's Lair which is guarded with a Gate and 20 Guards who Brandon suggest that Sky kills them with his Incredible Psychic Powers which he does almost remorselessly with a few Psychic Waves killing the Guards off...The Movie ends with a Final Battle Between a Psychic Sky and a Full Power Magic Valtor...Sky had to absorb all of Fairy Energy to Defeat and Destroy The Powerful Valtor...


  • Elemental Form/State - Only accessible through an Emotional Stress almost dying or being unconscious Regardless of the Trigger, This Will cause Sky's Eyes to glow without Pupils and summon energy from Past Mystical Masters able to use their Powers as his own enhancing all his current Elemental skills to a Frightening Destructive Level With no Control over the Form Sky accidentally killed innocent People in both the Earth Nation and The Sand Master's Desert which considers this Form Possibly dangerous Later He controls the State to restore balance to the World and reverse the destruction caused by Valtor. Upon Learning all the Elements He earned two other versions of the Transformations
  • Controlled Elemental Form - Accessible after Sky unlocks his seven energy chakras and mastering the four elements allowing him to gain full control over the Elemental Form, While using this variation of the Transformation Sky has full awareness and consciousness within the form allowing him to combine his energies with Past Masters while using the Power of Elements although without being possessed by another Master this Version of the Form is much weaker than the uncontrolled version although his capabilities are still raised to their full potential due to Sky's lack of planning and reckless attacks He does not know what to do in a Controlled Elemental State weakens the overall strength of the Transformation However Sky overcomes this flaw and thinking more decisively He becomes as Powerful as the Instinctual State of the Form
  • Brief Elemental Form - a version Sky Used slightly more than the Controlled version of his Elemental Form allowing some knowledge skill and power transferred from Vesper along with Past Masters combined energy He is able to briefly have his legendary glowing pupil less eyes flash for a quick minute or second enhancing his Elemental Potential further within a short period of time Sky is able to perform extraordinary feats after his eyes stop flashing temporary capable Making Grounds split in half to make Huge Rock Pillars from the Concrete Blasting Whirlwinds that split the clouds in half summon numerous Tidal Waves at his opponent and even incinerating Big buildings with massive streams of Flames.
  • Instinctual Elemental Form - a version Sky has used the most in order to protect his body from more danger The Transformation activates on its own and gets possessed by Past Masters that combine their energies with his to perform feats regarding his goal at the time this variation allows Past Master's voices to talk through Sky's body as if he was unconscious his Power of Elements are raised to their full potential allowing whichever Past Master to spiritually control him Sky is capable of simultaneously manipulating the Elements in this State creating Huge Tornados around his lower body the sudden Sub Power to float in the air a Wind Sphere that surrounds his body creating a Huge Fire Shields and Circles that is shown to Powerful enough to evaporate large buildings and Gigantic Streams of Flames that disintegrates most of his enemies He created Huge Water Tornados threw a Gigantic Water Wave capable of trapping his opponents in a Water Cyclone Rip huge Rocks from the ground Use Ginormous Rock Pillars against his opponent even threw an Gigantic unavoidable Rock Column performed Big slices of Wind tremendous Deadly Gusts of Wind and even combined all the Elements in one attack to obliterate his enemies which would end up annihilating them for good.

Special Powers

List of Sky's Special Powers

Physical Skills

  • Physical Resistance - After Gaining his Psychic Energy Sky received Physical Resilience that makes him Fully Invulnerable to any physical or long ranged attack...
  • Enhanced Strength - After Gaining his Psychic Powers Sky obtained a Strength beyond that of Magic Fairies in the World of Magix.
  • Flight - a Power where Sky focuses his Psychic Energy to levitate himself with his Psychokinesis...This also allows Sky to fly faster and differently from a Magix Fairy...
  • Enhanced Speed - Due to his Psychokinesis Sky can use his Energy to raise his speed beyond the limits which can also be combined with his Flight to fly faster.


"IT'S YOUR FAULT!, YOU HATED HIM!!, YOU MESS...EVERYTHING UP!!" (Sky to Brandon after seeing Helia be violently murdered by Valtor)

"So We went all this way...ALL THAT...FOR NOTHING?!!, You told me we were going back to earth...YOU SAID!" (Sky to Brandon after realizing he threw their journey away)

"Now It's My Turn to take care of us Helia...Everything will be alright, I promise!" (Sky to Helia before using his Powers to drive through the Magix Guards to get to earth)

"Now It's my turn to take care of us Brandon, Nothing can stop the Specialists..." (Sky to Brandon before using his Powers to Forcibly Drive the Car and Killing the Guards to Arrive in Earth)

"You guys can run if you want...But I WILL KILL THESE WORTHLESS BEASTS WITH MY PSYCHIC POWERS!" (Sky to the Group before going berserk with his Psychic Powers)

"Diaspro...Why...WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU?!, LIKE HELL I'LL LISTEN TO YOU...Why?!, Why should I care after everything You've done to me...and BLOOM!!, Tell me Why I should Care...WHY SHOULD I CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE?!!!!!!!!!" (Sky to Diaspro who is kneeling in fear begging for forgiveness and also before Sky powers up his Psychic Energy)

"What am I?" (Sky's Catchphrase Every time Sky realize what he's done bad with his Psychic Power)

"I'm the 15th Mystic Master?" (Sky after realizing He became a Mystical Master)

"Do you forget what I've been through because of your actions Bloom?, You attacked me at Eraklyon while I was under mind control ya Fool! You yelled at me while experiencing a Loss from the Wizards!! You intentionally flirt with Andy when I was Jealous!! and YOU BLAME ME FOR MISSING OUT ON A PICNIC DATE!!!!, AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! I HAVE FINALLY HAD THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL THIS!!!" (Sky to Bloom before temporarily manipulating All Four Elements out of nowhere and falling unconscious)

"Listen Bloom, I'm still very upset and irritated by what you did to me in the past It was just so unacceptable and immoral but I was angry because It's been so long since people treated and talked to me that way because you acted no better than Diaspro and all that made me Mad because You broke the Fairy Code just like she did, So I guess you might need to give me some time alone I can't risk getting mad at you again." (Sky to Bloom after lashing out at her)


"I've been rude to her because she's been rude to me in the past, I don't even understand how stupid she is to think I would be okay with that Behaviour. She's Just as Stupid Selfish and Immoral as Diaspro after acting the way she did in the past. Also She never knows when to shut up after I feel emotionally hurt by her reaction." (Sky to Musa after his disagreement and lash out against Bloom)

"Bloom...Do you really Love me?" (Sky after remembering the Incident of Disloyal Adversary)

"Helia!" (Sky right after seeing Helia's Death on Television)

"YOU LIED!!, Helia...OUR FRIEND IS DEAD!!" (Sky's Sorrow while looking at the Television)

"WHY?!, You knew he was dead!, YOU KNEW IT!" (Sky angrily complaining towards Brandon despite Sky being the one getting him killed in the first place although This Sky had amnesia)

"WHY?!!, WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME!!?" (Sky still complaining towards Brandon)

"I HATE YOU!, You're not my Friend..." (Sky towards Brandon after seeing what happened to Helia)

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" (Sky to Brandon before throwing a series of objects at him)

"GUH...YOU KILLED MY DOG!!!, Grrrr-RAAGH!" (Sky before killing the Cougar who killed Sky's Dog Spike)

"I...It just...I didn't mean to...I was Angry...What is...Wrong with me?, What am I?" (Sky after killing the Cougar)

"Valtor...I'll beat you down so bad that I'll change your name to LOSAR!" (Sky to Valtor before powering up his Merge Form)

"SHUT UP LEAVE ME ALONE!" (Sky towards Bloom after being fed up by the Group's Replies of Sky killing 6 animals)

"We can go now." (Sky towards Brandon after killing Valtor's Guards)

"Brandon...Let me kill these Solaria Idiots, I'll get us in the Castle easier...We NEED to get to Diaspro as soon as We can." (Sky to Brandon before killing the Solaria Guards In the way of the Locked Gate which consists the Entrance to the Solaria Castle)

"My Powers are gone but I still don't feel myself changing personalities." (Sky to the group after losing his powers although retaining his Arrogant personality)

"Bloom!, Break the Crystal in half...It'll give me back my powers HURRY!" (Sky to Bloom begging her to crack the Crystal to retain his Psychic powers)

"Oh Great The Crystal broke entirely now all the Energy is permanently stuck inside me, That's Just Great...Now I'm kind of Enchanted with this power or even worse...Cursed." (Sky to the Group after being transferred the Psychic powers for all Eternity 'Forever')

"Now I'm a Permanent Esper...I can't even get rid of my Psychokinesis anymore, and Bloom does not possess Pyrokinesis It's simply Fire Magic she uses." (Sky to Stella after looking at his hands)

"Sometimes I wish I never got these powers, That Maybe I was better off being unworthy of becoming the Telekinetic You all know I am."

"Listen Bloom, There are 4 Different Nations with People who practices Native Element The Earth Nation has Masters of Rocks and Stones The Water Kingdom has Masters of Water The Fire Tribe has Masters of Fire Lastly The Air Monks has Masters of Wind and Air." (Sky to Bloom after discovering the Elements)

"This Avatar Show is really reminding me of The Mystical Master and those Elements." (Sky while watching Avatar: The Last Airbender)

"No, It's not Over..." (Sky to Isolde after she declares It's Over in the Northern Water Tribe Pole)

"I'm ready..." (Sky to Master Adam after he explains how to defeat the Fire Tribe Soldiers in the Master Temple)

"This ENDS Now!" (Sky in the Elemental State with Kevin's Voice to Darkar after he returned to have revenge on the Winx Team upon being overpowered by the Dark Spirit)

"You're right, I won't give up..." (Sky to Isolde's Spirit after she encourages him to travel back to his friends)

"Bloom, I'm sorry, I never mean to hurt you..." (Sky to Bloom after he hurt her with his untrained Lightning Generation unintentionally)

"Riven, Don't let a Rock launch you in the air." (Sky to Riven while he's running at high speeds and before he launches him with the Earth manipulation)

"Helia, I can control lightning...Come on!" (Sky before shooting lightning back at Helia)

"Brandon, Watch out for the Wave." (Sky to Brandon warning him about the Water Wave.)

"Stella, You really should look at that Rock behind you." (Sky before pushing Stella's head with a Rock Spike)


For the majority of [[Season 1]], Sky switching identities with [[Brandon]] is quite similar to what [[w:c:starwars:Padmé Amidala|Queen Amidala]] did in ''[[Wikipedia:Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace|Star Wars: The Phantom Menace]]''.

He is the only member of the [[Specialist]]s who came from monarchy rule (as a king).

He once thought [[Bloom]] was a sailor when she mentioned that she went to Six Flags during the [[Pixie]]s rescue mission.

In the [[season 1|first season]], it is shown that Sky has a dog named [[Lady]]. He is the only known Specialist to have a pet.

He is an accomplished boarder as he was clearly impressed with [[Aisha]]'s skill.

Sky and Bloom are the only ones known to have exes, who are [[Diaspro]] and [[Andy]] respectively.

Sky, [[Nabu]] and Aisha had arranged marriages, but unlike Nabu and Aisha's, his went downhill and ended up being called off in favor of Bloom.

In the [[Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom|Secret of the Lost Kingdom]], the scene where Sky meets Bloom on the [[Alfea]] rooftop on his board is similar to that of Aladdin meeting Jasmine on the magic carpet in the Disney movie [ Aladdin].

One of Sky's guardians has a similar appearance to Diaspro.[[File:Sky's_guardian_looks_like_Diaspro.jpg|thumb|150px|Sky's guardian looks like Diaspro.]]

He and Brandon are the strongest of the Specialists.

Though they are friends, he has a strong rivalry with [[Riven]].

In the [[Season 5|fifth]] season, he is the prince of [[Eraklyon]], but in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, he said that he had his coronation.

He and Brandon do not switch identities in the [[Nickelodeon]] dub.

In [[Season 5]], Bloom said he is the best Wind Rider at [[Red Fountain]].

In the eleventh episode of this season, Headmaster Saladin also said before Alfea that Sky is the best wind rider.

Sky is the first and only Specialist in the series to enter the Infinite Ocean.

He and Helia are the only Specialists known to have gone to another dimension besides Earth. Helia has entered the Legendarium World and Sky has entered the Infinite Ocean.

Sky and Helia are the only Specialists to change their hairstyles.

Sky is the Only Specialist to discover He is an reincarnation of The Mystical Master a Person who mastered all Four Elements and Built Magix and Alfea, At first He was in disbelief with his True Identity.

Sky is mistaken for the Avatar and upon mastering all four Elements got the Nickname 'Avatar' From Brandon.

On the Main Land of Earth Sky is constantly being mistaken for the Avatar by all the People after Mastering The Four Elemental Powers and has to correct everyone repetitively.

Unlike the Main Land Sky is correctly called the Mystical Master in The Land of Magix which is largely separated from The Four Nations of The Water Kingdom Earth Nation Fire Tribe and Air Monks It explains Why Sky had to fly his Wind Bison Vahpa all the way back to Magix in order for him to Reunite with his Girlfriend Bloom after Mastering the Elements and saving the world.

Sky's Lemur Komo was found in the Eastern Air Monk Temple and his name was based off a Name Book Sky red in Magix.

King Erendor of Eraklyon named their Son Sky because of his Natural Personality and how He was destined to learn The Element of Wind upon being exposed to the Psychic Crystal similar to Mystical Master Jayden.

Unlike Bloom Sky is capable of Defeating any enemy in the Elemental State which has Real Fire that actually does burn compared to her Dragon Fire that just disappears like weaker light balls.

Compared to All Fairies Sky is able to Control The 4 Elements with his Mind which is much more amazing than Weak Illusion like Fairy Magic that does little damage to Strong Villains in many situations.

Like Keith Sky is a Native Master of Wind as Eraklyon was once trained by Monks of Wind and their personalities are identical to their element: Calm Graceful and Inspiring

In Season 7, he is jealous of Elas, but they later make up and become friends.

Sky's DuArt voice actor also voices Smee and Cliff from World of Winx.

Sky's DuArt voice actor, Billy Bob Thompson, also voices Hawk SnowWhite from Regal Academy, which is also another show created by Rainbow.

He shares his birthday along with Roxy which is March 20.

Sky is the only Character who has The Power of Elements that far surpass the Fairy Powers of the Winx and the Magic Dimension.

Sky is the Only Character who has received Arrow Marks in the same manner as Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Sky is the Only Character who kills Villains with his Curving Powers.

Sky is the Only Character who speaks a single swear word from Rage in The Master of Elements.

Upon Becoming the 15th Mystical Master Sky is 9876609 times more Powerful than Bloom.

Sky is one of the Boyfriends who is Overprotective of Bloom one time Killing whoever who has abused her despite her pleas telling Sky to Stop.

Sky is Heavily based on Aang from the Last Air bender through his Elemental Skills and also inspired by Telekinetic Characters like Daniel Diaz of Life is Strange 2.

Sky is Considerably the Most Powerful Avatar like Mystical Master in Winx Club Season 9 that the Poster for the Son and Daughter of Sky has him in the Elemental State wielding 4 Different Elements while the Fairies are behind him smiling at the camera in the Posters.

Sky's Avatar Powers fit well with his Character as a King of Eraklyon and Used the Elements to bring more Life on Magix and Earth.

Sky is originally supposed to be based off Aang in the earlier Seasons but the idea was scraped to be brought back for Season 8 The Master of Elements.

Sky's Role as the Last Mystical Master is to be the bridge between the Physical and Spirit world in order to ensure Peace and restore the balance of the Earth.

Despite Sky and Bloom being love interests they are vastly different in personality and mentality however they are similar in terms of having common enemies although The Two are more different than similar.

Sky has Element Curving Powers that no Fairy is possibly able to possess while Bloom could only cast Spells that will never prove an effective impact on an Powerful Enemy like a Superpower can their psychology is also unalike Bloom has ran away because of her mistakes twice out of discouraging fear She has a very limited sense of confidence because of her habit of misunderstanding situations she does perform more harm than good however Sky has also made mistakes although he reacted more persistently and with an incredibly limitless amount of Confidence thus He makes situations better rather than continuously worse solving problems less than seconds whereas Bloom has cause more problems because of her troubling Fairy Magic their personalities also differ Bloom is a fearful unconfident and powerless therefore She tends to give up after failure Sky on the other hand is courageous persistent and powerful therefore He tends to keep trying until Success regardless Bloom was still considered a decent Fairy despite being a unconfident girl however Sky was considered the undefeated persistent and courageous Mystical Master despite being an troubled Man which sets the two as Opposites.

Unlike Bloom Sky will only kill an Enemy when he has no other choice which is going against the Fairy Code however being the Mystical Master He is unbound and free to follow his own Rules He makes for himself.

He and Brandon are the only two of their own Team to Manifest their Powers at young ages with Sky learning Four Main out of fourteen Sub or Evolved Elements turning 5 and having them perfected at turning 8 while Brandon manifested his Telekinesis at the age of 12 which means they were the only two that has reverted to their Nature that were destined to be different from others whereas Helia and Riven were both struck by Lightning obtaining nothing apart from Speed or Lightning which makes them the 2 Strongest of Team Master.

Sky came up with renaming his Group the Specialists to Team Master first upon learning How the Specialists were only a name that are given to Ordinary Boys and thus changed after Helia and Riven received their powers while He and Brandon regained their Powers they were born with.

Sky's Team name Team Mystical is the short version of the words 'Mystical Master' It is a group of Elemental curvers the order being Air which is Sky Water Kalani Fire Ignatius or Cairo and Earth Cephras.

Sky's name defines the Wind in the atmosphere and outer space Aircurving his First Element is the only type of curving that associates to his name It is mentioned by Brandon that it was ironic that he was an Aircurver relating to his name.

Sky discovered the meaning of his name was inspired by the Air Monks and their Power to curve the Air around them which is what motivated him to learn from the Aircurving Master Bodhi acquiring the truth of his origin.

Sky's Season 8 Voice Actor used Zach Tyler Aiden's Voice Changer to recreate Aang's Voice in order to modify the Older Actor's voice into younger so His Character is considered an 12 year old and match his current age.

In Season 9 Actors are returning as their voice roles for Winx and Team Sky with the actors being teenagers from 5 years prior 2016 since they voiced their characters or possibly adults a Voice changer was used to modify their tones in real life again to fit the character roles.

Alessandro Quarta the Voice Actor for Sky mistakenly red lines of the script with a Deep Voice changer which caused him to sound older than the character's age in Season 8's First Half and was fixed in Second Half with a Kid Voice changer modifying his tone similar to Zach Tyler Aisen when he has voiced Avatar Aang.


(Is Sky the Avatar?)

Yes he is, Sky is an Incredibly Powerful Avatar his Power to control all Fourteen Evolved and Sub Elements makes him an unstoppable Godlike Begin that nobody shall dare confront or they will be destroyed in a manner of seconds. He remarks the Mystical Masters are based off the Avatars from the Last Airbender.

(Was Sky inspired by Aang or Is he still the same character we know from Winx?)

in Majority of The Master of Elements Sky was inspired by Aang and even acted said and performed the same things he did however in Son and Daughter of Sky He was no longer inspired by Avatar Aang instead He was reverted to the Character we knew before he set off on his Journey Although He learned the Four Elements Sky has learned Sub and Evolved 14 Elements Metalcurving Lightning Generation Bonecurving Bloodcurving Lavacurving Woodcurving Glasscurving Sandcurving Soundcurving whereas Aang had not remaining with 5/14 Elements.

(Who would win Sky or Aang?)

Definitely Sky without any question, His Goal to Master all 14 Curving Elements is way more unbelievable than Aang's Goal to Master 4 out of Many other Elements and Although he was lucky enough to learn Energy bending Aang perform bending powers in the same level of Sky's curving powers Who can use Seismic Sense to detect Honesty and lies in a molecular level than the Earthcurving Master Cephras manipulate metal to trap attack or overpower his opponents manipulate Lava from all heat sources manipulate sound waves with Soundcurving Power that can easily mute any instrument sound without any effort manipulate glass shards to attack enemies capable of manipulating Wood pieces to spikes even able to manipulate the Main Four Elements to a nuclear level than Aang has Sky used Firecurving to scorch Ogron used Aircurving to push the Trix several miles away used Earthcurving to defend and attack against the Dark Sorcerer Valtor used Watercurving to vaporize Darkar in the Elemental State.

(Is Sky's Elemental State more Powerful than Aang's Avatar State?)

Absolutely, Sky has become eighty-eight times more Powerful than Aang once he entered his Most Powerful Transformation the Elemental State which is empowered by Spiritual Cosmic and the Mystical Master Cycle he can draw more Knowledge Power Skill Wisdom and Experience from Past Masters that exceed the capabilities of Aang's Past lives which is empowered by a slightly lower percentage of Spiritual Energy the Avatar State is more limited in some extent when Aang couldn't activate it apart from momentarily doing so in danger emotionally stressed or controlled the Form however He isn't able to stay in that State more than 10 hours although Sky who gained limitless access to the Elemental State activating it as many times he wishes being in the Form for 15 hours longer than Aang's Avatar State He also wields it more decisively and quick thinking once he controlled it than Aang who had trouble planning attacks once he controlled the Avatar State.

(Is Sky more Powerful than Aang overall?)

Unfortunately Yes, unlike the supposedly All Powerful Avatar Sky learned all 14 Elements that Aang failed to master which made him an unstoppable godlike Most Powerful Mystical Master that his Past lives never achieved while Aang could use the five at his disposal unable to switch from very few types of curving whereas Sky can switch between the many 14 Elements curving Water Earth Fire Air Metal Lightning Bone Sand Glass Blood Lava Sound Wood and Energy which will allow him to easily overpower Aang in a Battle because of his unpredictable Elements at his disposal.

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