Miniaturization is a special power of the fairies' gained when a Charmix fairy is capable of earning her full-fledged fairy form: Enchantix. However, Believix fairies are able to utilize this ability as well.

As its name suggests, Enchantix and Believix fairies are capable of shrinking down to pixie size by sprinkling fairy dust on themselves.

Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Fire, could not use this ability, due to her Enchantix powers being dangerously incomplete, as she had achieved hers through sheer willpower as opposed to self-sacrifice and bravery. She had finally fully developed her miniaturizing capabilities at the end of The Secret of the Lost kingdom movie, due to her saving her home world, her birth parents and people and making her Enchantix fully complete.

Episodes when Used Edit

Season Three Edit

  • The Crystal Labyrinth (first use)
  • The Witches' Crypt
  • The Spell of the Elements

Season Four Edit

  • Fear in Pixie Village
  • Hidden in the Country