Mike and Vanessa
Home World
Place of Residence
Bloom (adopted daughter)
First Appearance
"It Feels Like Magic"
Last Appearance

Mike and Vanessa are the adopted parents of Bloom who have loving raised her as their own child for the first fifteen years of her life, as her home world was destroyed. They are ordinary humans who are supporting characters in the show.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • It Feels Like Magic (debuts)
  • More Than High School
  • Meant to Be
  • Senior Witches Go to Earth
  • The Great Witch Invasion (flashback; no lines)

Season Two Edit

  • Gangs of Gardenia

Season Three Edit

  • Operation: Boyfriend Rescue

Season Four Edit

  • Winx on Earth
  • Ogron's Spell
  • The Audition
  • The Pets' Pursuit (flashbacks)
  • Diana's Attack

Season Five Edit

  • The Spill
  • The Rise of Tritannus
  • The Lilo
  • The Emperor's Throne
  • Faraway Reflections
  • The End of Tritannus (cameos)

Season Six Edit

  • Broken Dreams
  • The Fairy Godmother
  • Mythix (Vanessa only)

Season Eight Edit