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Link: Lockette is the pixie of portals. She is Bloom bonded pixie. She has a butterfly hairclip in her hair which she can transform into a staff. She is shown to care alot about bloom and to be very sweet cheering up bloom whenever bloom is down and sad. Like when she went to confert bloom when she was sad about sky. She is the second youngest of the pixies being very sesative.

Character Information
Voiced By Laura Lenghi (Original/Italian)

Andi Whaley (4Kids)

Holly Gauther-Frankel (RAI English and PopPixie)

Hynden Walch (Nickelodeon)

Species Pixies
Powers and Abilities Finding her way through Mazes and Portals
Bonded Fairy Bloom
First Appearance Winx Club - Episode 201: The Phoenix of Shadow (Original)The Shadow Phoenix (Cinelume)
Affiliation(s) Winx Club
Pop Pixie of Thresholds
Pop Pixie
Associated Pet Guzman the Monkey
Phobia She is terrified that her watch will stop. She always has lots of other watches in her pockets.
Talent Finding, following and locating an


Lockette in pop pixie.



Lockette 3d

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