King Radius
Home World
King of the People of Solaria
Father of Stella Fairy of the Shining Sun Moon Stars Light and Sun
Dad (by Stella)
Queen Luna (estranged wife)
Princess Stella (daughter)
Countess Cassandra (ex fiancee)
Chimera (ex future stepdaughter)
Countess Cassandra
Prince Tritannus
First Appearance
"Beauty Is a Beast"
Last Appearance
Stella's Big Party
King of Solaria
Father of Princess Stella
Stepfather of Chimera
Husband of Queen Luna
Ex Fiancee of Countess Cassandra

Kind Radius is the king of planet Solaria and the father of Stella and the ex-husband of Queen Luna. In the third season, he was going to marry the greedy and selfish Countess Cassandra as his second wife and queen, and be stepfather to the scheming Chimera. After he was released from the evil control of Baltor's mark, he decreed that Cassandra and her daughter be tried to face justice by the Solarian court.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • The Nightmare Master (debut; nightmare)

Season Three Edit

  • The Princess Ball (actual debut)
  • Beauty Is a Beast
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess
  • Royal Behavior (no lines)
  • Dark Sky
  • Biker Wedding Crashers

Season Five Edit

  • The Pillar of Light
  • The Eclipse
  • The Devourer
  • The Singing Whales
  • The Shark's Eye

Season Six Edit

  • Queen for a Day
  • Stella's Big Party

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

Season Three Edit

  • "Oh, forget Majesty. Just call me King Radius."
  • "Countess Cassandra and I are to be married."
  • "I...I don't know."
  • "Who are you?"
  • "I don't recall."
  • "My beautiful girl!! I wanted to wake up, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't."
  • "Take these traitors to the dungeons. They will face justice by the Solarian court."

Season Five Edit

  • "
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