King Oritel
Queen Marion (wife/queen)
Daphne (eldest child)
Bloom (youngest daughter)
Thoren (son-in-law)
Late 30s (probably)
King Erendor & Queen Samara
King Radius & Queen Luna

Company of Light

The Ancient Witches
The Trix
Prince Tritannus
Master Swordsman
Dragon Fire energy (from sword)
Exceptional leadership skills
Strong will
First Appearance
"Shadows in Bloom" (vision; cameo)
"The Secret of the Lost Kingdom
Last Appearance

King Oritel is the birth father of Bloom, and Daphne, beloved husband and co-ruler of Marion. He was the last king to reign over the peaceful and most beautiful worlds in the magical universe- Domino-until it was frozen in solid ice for seventeen long years by the ancient Witches invasion.

Appearances Edit

Season Two Edit

  • Shadows in Bloom (in a vision; cameo)

Season Three Edit

  • Beauty Is a Beast (vision; cameo)

Season Four Edit

Season Five Edit

  • Test of Courage
  • The Pillar of Light
  • The Eclipse (cameo)
  • The Devourer
  • The Singing Whales
  • The Problems of Love (no lines)
  • The End of Tritannus (cameos)

Season Six Edit

  • Inspiration of Sirenix
  • Vortex of Flames
  • Acheron
  • Winx Forever (no lines)

Season Seven Edit

  • The Magix Rainbow (cameos)

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