"Fairy dust on the wings of an Enchantix is one of the strongest healing elements in the magical universe."
- Faragonda in "Royal Behavior."

Fairy Dust is magical glittery multicolored dust courtesy both of Enchantix Fairies and Believix Fairies. It is contained within a unique-shaped small vial worn around an Enchantix Fairy's neck, namely a choker.

This also activates the ability of miniaturization.

Colors of Fairy Dust Edit

  • Bloom's fairy dust is a light orange.
  • Stella's is a bright yellow
  • Musa's is a light purple
  • Tecna's a bright green
  • Flora's is a light forest-green
  • Layla's is pale purplish-pink
  • Roxy's fairy dust would be a light sea-green.

Episodes when Used Edit

Season Three Edit

  • Royal Behavior
  • Operation: Boyfriend Rescue
  • Attack of the Zombie Witches
  • Missing in Action (by Layla)
  • Tears from the Black Willow
  • Point of No Return
  • Payback!
  • The Omega Mission
  • Biker Wedding Crashers
  • The Crystal Labyrinth
  • The Witches' Crypt
  • The Spell of the Elements
  • Fire and Flame
  • The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Season Four Edit

  • Fear in Pixie Village
  • Hidden in the Country