Winx Enchantix
Achieved By
*Rescuing someone from her home world via great bravery and self-sacrifice
*Strongly believing in oneself (in Bloom's case)
Fairies to achieve this final full-fledged Fairy Form
Bloom (initially incomplete)
Special Abilities
Preceded By
Succeeded By
First Appearance
"The Mermaid Queen"
Last Appearance
"A Fairy Found"

Enchantix is a greater and higher fairy transformation first seen in Season 3, the first 3D movie, and the first six episodes of Season 4.


In order for a fairy to earn Enchantix, she must make a major sacrifice for the well being of someone from her respective planet of origin. In this form, the powers of a fairy are very stronger, acquire the ability to be miniaturized and can break dark spells with fairy dust, which is contained inside a collar.

Fairies not always has to go to their respective planets to get their Enchantix, this was seen when Stella protected her father from a dragon in Eraklyon. Musa when she saved the Princess Galatea from a fire in Alfea and Tecna when she closed the portal of the Omega Dimension kingdom of Andros, but whose instability was a danger to a great part of the magical dimension, including her home planet Zenith.

Bloom was the exception to the rule. By believing in her power to overcome evil, learn to focus her energy with the sorceress Maya on Pyros and put aside the desire for revenge and anger that she was carrying. Bloom could transform by herself through force of will, also thanks that she found Buddy, her inner dragon, thus her Enchantix was not complete. Bloom earned her complete Enchantix at the end of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom movie by saving her home world and its people.

Episodes when Used Edit

Season Three Edit

  • The Mermaid Queen (Layla by saving Queen Leshia)
  • Royal Behavior
  • Dark Sky (Stella by saving her father King Radius)
  • Operation: Boyfriend Rescue
  • Attack of the Zombie Witches (Musa by refusing to leave Princess Galatea behind)
  • Missing in Action
  • Tears from the Black Willow (Flora achieves her Enchantix)
  • Point of No Return (Tecna achieves her Enchantix)
  • Payback!
  • The Power Within (Bloom via sheer willpower; thus is dangerously incomplete)
  • The Omega Mission
  • Day at the Museum
  • Biker Wedding Crashers
  • The Golden Kingdom
  • The Crystal Labyrinth
  • The Wizard's Challenge
  • The Witches' Crypt
  • The Spell of the Elements
  • Fire and Flame
  • The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (3D version; Bloom's fully completed)

Season Four Edit

  • The Wizards of the Black Circle
  • Fear in Pixie Village
  • Winx on Earth
  • Magic Pets
  • Ogron's Spell
  • A Fairy Found (final appearance)

Enchantix Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

  • Enchanted Sphere
  • Dragon Energy
  • Dragon Fury
  • Dragon Essence
  • Dragon Fire Fury
  • Fusion Fire
  • Dragon Flame Sphere
  • Dragon Shield

Stella Edit

  • Enchantix Sunbeam
  • Enchantix Sunburst
  • Sunbeam Shower
  • Shower of Light
  • Ball of Sunlight
  • Enchantix Moon Shield
  • Sea of Light
  • Power of the Sun
  • Sunshine Lasso
  • Magic Rainbow
  • Cloud Breaker

Musa Edit

  • Sound Cage
  • Sound Wave Attack
  • Enchantix Amplifier
  • Power of Sound
  • Sonic Shield
  • Pure Harmony
  • Disco Shell
  • Base Boom
  • Magic Base Boom
  • Base Resonance
  • Power of Harmony

Tecna Edit

  • Electric Storm
  • Digital Blast
  • Techno Magical Union
  • World Wide Web
  • Laser Cage
  • Protective Energy Field
  • Active Force Field

Flora Edit

  • Enchanted Ivy Wrap
  • Enchantix Ivy
  • Ivy Vine Wrap
  • Energy of Mother Nature
  • Ivy Rescue Vine
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Return to Nature

Layla Edit

  • Enchanted Morfix
  • Morfix Shield
  • Morfix Spike
  • Morfix Tidal Wave
  • Magic River
  • Morfix Surfboard
  • Enchanted Plasma
  • Morfix Staff
  • Plasma Magic Bolt
  • Plasma Gate

About Enchantix Edit

  • "This year will be for you to earn your Enchantix. It will be your final fairy form and the only way you to pass your third year. It will give you access to greater powers, such as fairy powder and miniaturization."
  • "The test will find you at a critical moment in time. It will require you to rescue someone from your own world, and it will require you to make a great sacrifice. This the only way you can earn your Enchantix and become a full-fledged fairy."
  • "Unless Oritel and Miriam are still alive, then no one from my world is left. And I'll never get my Enchantix."
  • "Congratulations, Layla. Your sacrifice for Queen Leshia earned you your Enchantix powers."
  • "But Layla was able to achieve her final fairy form: She now has Enchantix powers. And that means she is strong to break Baltor's spell by herself.
  • "Fairy dust upon the wings of an Enchantix is one of the strongest healing elements in the magical universe."
  • "Even though there's no one left from my world, is it still possible for me to earn it?"
  • "I feel like I'm getting there. I just I had my Enchantix."
  • "I believed that I could it and I got my Enchantix."
  • "I don't understand how I got my Enchantix without saving anybody from my realm."
  • "You've become a rare exception to the rules of fairies, a very rare exception. On Pyros, you used all of willpower and your belief in yourself was powerful that it simply transformed you. It's as if you willed yourself into an Enchantix."
  • "I'm ore worried about our Enchantix training with Griselda next morning."
  • "These creatures absorb magic, so only the strongest Enchantix spell will have chance of affecting them."
  • "Bloom, I'm not going to lie to you: Your Enchantix power is dangerously incomplete. The others have a power that was born out of sacrifice. But your Enchantix was created by pure force of will. It's not the same thing at all."
  • "Well, look at you. Enchantix and Dragon Fire together."
  • "The Dragon Fire and the Enchantix aren't what's going to beat you, Baltor. It's six Enchantix together."
  • "Since my Enchantix wasn't earned the same way as yours, Ms. Faragonda said it may have limitations."
  • "'Cause of your big, bad Enchantix powers?"
  • "Let's try to add the magical energy of the Water Stars to our Enchantix powers."
  • "My Enchantix power's still incomplete, and no matter what I try, it won't let me miniaturize."
  • "It's her Enchantix that's the problem. It gives her an advantage."