Princess Daphne S6
Alias Nymph of Magix (Seasons 1-3)
Nymph of Sirenix (Seasons 5-7)
Crown Princess of Domino (Season 6)
Age 30s (chronologically)
17-18 (physically)
Professional Status
Powers and Abilities Nymph of Magix:
  • Intangibility
  • Psychic link (with Bloom
  • Residual magic of the Dragon Flame
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Thermokinesis
  • Portal creation
  • Power amplification
  • Dream entering
  • Water breathing

Nymph of Sirenix:

  • Power over the ocean/sea
  • Wish Granting
  • Control over the Beast of the Depths

Elemental Magic:

  • Fire magic
  • Water magic
  • Earth magic
  • Air magic
Occupation Nymph of Magix (Seasons 1-5)
History of Magic Professor at Alfea (Season 6)
Personal Status
Origin Domino
Family King Oritel (father)
Queen Marion (mother)
Bloom (younger sister)
Relationships Stella
Roxy (since Season 7)
Former Friends:
Cartoon Secret Guardian (voice only)
The Frozen Palace (actual appearance)
Voice Actors
4Kids Bella Hudson
Daphne is the firstborn child of King Oritel and King Miriam, and elder sister of Bloom. She is now the crown princess of the recently restored world of Domino (Sparx in the 4kids version). For many years she was one of the legendary nine Nymphs of Magix who defended the magical universe from the wrath of the three Ancestral Witches.

She was also the last nymph/fairy to achieve the ancient ocean/sea-related transformation and magical fairy power of Sirenix.

History Edit

Daphne was born to Oritel and Miriam, the king and queen of Domino. Sixteen years later, her younger sister, Bloom, was born and the all-powerful Dragon Fire transferred then from Daphne to her.

Season One Edit

Daphne's spirit appeared on occasion her dreams that Bloom had, so that she, Daphne, could help her sister in further developing fairy abilities and learning more about her past

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

  • Spelled (debut; dream)
  • The Day of the Rose (dream)
  • Pushing the Envelope (astral dream)
  • Senior Witches Go to Earth (flashback)
  • The Frozen Palace
  • The Great Witch Invasion

Season Three Edit

  • Mission to Tides (flashback; cameo)

Season Four Edit

Season Five Edit

  • The Spill (flashback)
  • Return to Alfea
  • Secret of the Ruby Reef
  • The Gem of Empathy (in Bloom's nightmare)
  • Trix Tricks
  • Test of Courage
  • Sirenix
  • The Emperor's Throne
  • Faraway Reflections
  • The Devourer
  • The Singing Whales
  • The Problems of Love
  • A Perfect Date
  • Listen to Your Heart
  • The Shark's Eye
  • The End of Tritannus (fully restored to physical form)

Season Six Edit

  • Inspiration of Sirenix
  • The Legendarium
  • The Flying School
  • Bloomix Power
  • The Golden Auditorium
  • Vortex of Flames
  • The Lost Library
  • Attack of the Sphinx
  • Shrine of the Green Dragon
  • The Secret Greenhouse
  • Shimmer in the Shadows (as a magic hologram)
  • Mythix
  • Mystery of Calavera
  • Zombie Invasion
  • The Curse of Fearwood
  • The Silver Totem
  • Queen for a Day
  • Stella's Big Party
  • The Anthem
  • Legendary Duel
  • Acheron
  • Winx Forever

Season Seven Edit

  • The First Color of the Universe (cameo)
  • The Magix Rainbow (cameos)
  • The Golden Butterfly
  • New Magic Harmony
  • The Power of the Fairy Animals

Season Eight Edit

  • TBA

Magical Abilities Edit

As the eldest child of the planet where the Great Dragon itself had came to rest, Daphne is/was the original Keeper of the almighty cosmic powers of the Great Dragon itself for many years. These immeasurably powers were then transferred from her to her younger sister, Bloom; although she seems possess residual Dragon Fire energy.

Sirenix Spells Edit

  • Flame Spiral
  • Dome of the Ocean
  • Dance of Leaves
  • Rest and Be Still
  • Embracing Wind

Civilian Spells Edit

  • Warmth Reveal

Role in the Movies Edit

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Edit

In this first ever 3D CGI animated feature film, Daphne appears in a dream that Bloom had in her room at her adopted hometown of Gardenia. Still transparent and ethereal as ever, she urged Bloom to meet her at Lake Rocaluche. She expressed her joy at seeing her beloved younger sister again, even though she could not touch her physically.

Magical Adventure Edit

Daphne, still ghostly and insubstantial, played a much minor role than she had in the first movie. She first appeared in the royal castle of her recently restored home world of Domino, and teased Bloom by playfully scaring her. She assured her little sister that being royal was not all bad, but held more responsibilities than being a Guardian Fairy.

A few days later, she had expressed her joy at Prince Sky's proposal to Bloom, in the form a loving hug.

She was eventually mentioned by her father, King Oritel, who angrily reminded the Ancient Witches that his eldest daughter was somewhat "dead" because of them.

Trivia Edit

  • Daphne is considered the eighth member of the Winx Club after Roxy.
  • She is a minor supporting character in the first, third and seventh seasons. However, she becomes a main character throughout the fifth and sixth seasons.
  • She regains her physical body at the end of the fifth season, due to Bloom wishing to forever break the curse upon Sirenix.