Dangerous Waters
Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date November 6, 2016
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Shattered Dreams
Shadows on the Snow
"Dangerous Waters" is the tenth episode of World of Winx.

Synopsis Edit

The remaining five Winx Club fairies- Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Layla- head off to Florida to find the next human whose special talent to coveted by the Talent Thief. Unfortunately, they have to take L oriel along who makes a mess of the Winx minivan.

Back in Gardenia, Bloom and Roxy are tracking Evans and Gomez through Arthur whose eyes are mentally linked to Roxy's mind via her unusually strong animal magic.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Roxy is in her very own spy jumpsuit for the first time; black with bright sea green stripes at the sides and high-heeled shoes.
  • Roxy expressed her hope to transform and use her wings to track down Evans and Gomez more quickly. Bloom, however, reminded her that were in incognito and would be recognized.
  • Evans curses at one point.

Quotes Edit

  • Roxy: "I can see them through his eyes. Evans and Gomez are on their way to the airport. They have the watch."
  • Bloom: 'We need to reach them before they get there. Arthur will lead the way."


  • Roxy: "Come on! If only we wings."
  • Bloom: "They'd recognize us. Remember, we're incognito. Where they go?"
  • Roxy: "They stopped at a traffic light two, blocks from here."

(Sees Jim running off with the watch)

  • Bloom: "This time, I won't let him get away."


  • Bloom: "Let's go!!"
  • Roxy: "Wait, Bloom. Arthur sees Jim, who's just landed on the street."


  • Roxy: "Got it. Huh? It doesn't work."
  • Bloom: "It's...broken."
  • Jim: "Give me the watch. I know how to make it work."
  • Bloom & Roxy: "Huh?"