Caramel (Cara in Winx Club ) is one of the pixies from poppixies series.Edit

She is pop pixie of Super StrengthEdit

She was first shown in 'Legendarium', season 6 episode 2. When pixies went to Alfea to celebrate Faragonda's 100 anniversary. Caramel becomes bonded pixie of Tecna in place of Digit.Edit

Back in pixie village, she defended the village with Winx and other pixies.Edit

Personality Profile:Edit

Energetic and determined. Caramel is very sweet-natured and full of life, but she is also practical and knows hoe to defend her self. Hours spent in her bakery has taught her to be quick and decisive.

Caramel is always ready to rush into battlen to help her friends. She is seems to hot head, 'brawny' member of the group.
Pop Pixie Caramel