The Winx Club (Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, Bloom) The Specialists
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Sky's squire and bodyguard, a great swordsman and ladies' man. He is Stella's boyfriend. In the first season, he switched names with Sky, because Sky wanted to know what it feels like to be normal. He is also best friends with not only Sky but the rest of the Specialists. Brandon and his other friends were Sophomores in Season 1, therefore making them a year older than the Winx Club, besides Stella, who is also meant to be a Sophomore, but was held back a year because she blew up the lab in Alfea.

Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair with a very long fringe. Brandon has a tanned skin tone, and a medium athletic build. His eyes are brown too. Brandon gives off a vibe that he's a bit vain, as he cares about the way he looks, but despite that, he's very sporty and athletic.

When on missions, Brandon wears the traditional Red Fountain uniform, the only difference from others' uniforms is the emerald jewel clasp on his cape.