Acquired by
Fragments of Bloom's almighty Dragon Fire power
  • Heroic and brave acts
Fairies who obtained this nigh infinite Level
Winx Club
Magical Properties
Spells all derived from the infinite power of the Dragon Fire itself
First Appearance
Final Appearance
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Bloomix is a fairy power that can only be gained from fragments of Bloom's almighty Dragon Fire powers, the very source of the whole magical universe itself.

In "The Flying School", Bloom willingly bestowed upon her five best friends- Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Layla- five fragments of her infinite Dragon Fire energies when their were striped their mighty sea/ocean-related Sirenix abilities by contact the supremely powerful and dangerous magical book called the Legendarium.

It is followed by Butterflix, the fairy power that symbolizes the fairy animals, in Season 7.

Episodes when Used Edit

Season Six Edit

  • Bloomix Power (first used by Flora)
  • The Golden Auditorium (achieved by Stella and Layla, Musa and Tecna)
  • Vortex of Flames (achieved by Bloom)
  • The Lost Library
  • Attack of the Sphinx
  • Shrine of the Green Dragon
  • The Secret Greenhouse
  • Broken Dreams (used by Bloom)
  • Shimmer in the Shadows (used by Stella)
  • The Fairy Godmother
  • Mythix
  • Zombie Invasion
  • The Curse of Fearwood
  • The Magic Totem
  • Queen for a Day
  • Stella's Big Party
  • A Monster Crush
  • The Music Cafe
  • The Anthem
  • Legendary Duel
  • Acheron
  • Winx Forever

Season Seven Edit

  • The Alfea Natural Park
  • Young Fairies Grow Up
  • Butterflix (final appearance and use)

Spells Edit

Bloom Edit

  • Flame Storm
  • Volcanic Attack
  • Red Dragon Orb
  • Flame Storm Vortex Burst

Stella Edit

  • Light Spectrum

Musa Edit

  • Crystal Voice

Tecna Edit

  • Digital Net
  • Genesis Blow

Flora Edit

  • Chlorophyll Bolt
  • Flower Shower

Layla Edit

  • Morfix Cloud