Alfea School 1-3
Alfea is a famous boarding school for fairies in training. Most of the Winx girls met and used to reside here and have a close relationship with its headmistress, Ms. Faragonda. At Alfea, fairies learn to fight evil, help their planets, or, in many cases, become queens of their planets. When Bloom and the other girls met there, they immediately became best friends and formed the Winx Club, since they all lived in one dormitory. It is here that the Winx, after graduating, taught for a short period of time. Once,in the first season the Trix tried to destroy Alfea but failed to do so.

Building Edit

The Alfea school has many classrooms and long hallways where the girls have to cross to attend from a class to another and to get onto their dorms. The school also has a ballroom, which is located under the office of the Headmistress. These sites have seen several times during the progress of the series.

Dorm Rooms
The Alfea dorm rooms, are a second home for students residing in Alfea while away from home. When they not in classes spend most of the time here. While they are studying, sleeping or talking to her roommates. With some exceptions like Stella who has a room for herself, most of the girls live in rooms of two. Also, the students decorate their respective sides of the rooms, according to their personal tastes.

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